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For all you secret adherents of the old ones...

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YARR!! Please give a looksee to our friend Bill's Kickstarter going on now. Great guy and a great Kickstarter!

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+Tim Burns, the version of Bluffside on DTRPG is over a year behind on getting the updated maps. Would you please check to see how this can get updated?

Tome of the Unclean. Please make these creatures worthy of high level play, and not keep them the whimps they currently are. If you want someone with a fair amount of experience running D&D type games into very high levels to give you some input, I volunteer.

+Ends Meet Productions and +Tim Burns

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Check out this review of Castles & Crusades!

Is anyone running a game in the Philadelphia area?

I got an update that the Tome of the Unclean was updated on RPGnow.

I logged in and went to my library, but I am seeing 3 files:


Which of these files should I download?

I'm also seeing 2 files for Classic Monsters:

TLG 8125 Classic Monsters The Manual.pdf

And two files for Monsters and Treasure of Aihrde:

TLG 8019 M&T of Aihrde.pdf

Is there some way to clean these up, so we only see one file per product?

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If your interested in writing adventures for publication, by the Trolls, or anyone else, then you probably should back this KS... At the very least, it will help polish our adventure writing skills.

Question for anyone including +Jason Vey.

In the book of powers, 2-level effect Ray. There is no description of this power. Is this left up to the GM, or was it left out on accident. 

Second session of new C&C campaign went well, had to turn away players. Booked solid on Meetup through June!
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