Lets make the active again

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Bura ölü...


Remove kebablara kapak söz "only thing you can do is say remove kebab but you are getting removed in real life Greece is in debt and even if it gets all the mines in its lands, it can't pay. Serbia has Kosovo problems Macedonia is stealing history Armenia is getting fucked by Azerbaijan in the war, %80 of World is hating Murica, trump is going to fuck it and Russia-Turkey-China-India. If they become a union (Theh are improving relations) they will be the strongest union. And guess what? They all hate Murica"

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Say Turkey
im gonna test if we have alot of Turkish people in this community
i dont have turkeyball yet.....
This poll is not available.

Listen to me Muhammed's Ummah! Kebab Remover's are here!

Remove removers from this group

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How i troll Kebabs

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TRNC doesnt exist.
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