In case you hadn't heard; Google closed up their Google Glass social media accounts a few weeks ago, and more recently remove the Glass promotional videos from their Youtube channel.

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Hey Florida Glass Explorers! The first night of our Glass meetup went so well, and was SO fun, we're doing it again! Join us, would ya? #glassfamily  

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Since getting glass, people don't always recognize me when I don't have them on. When I want to go somewhere and be low key I leave them home and its the craziest thing...colleagues and other business associates always have to do a double take. Does this happen to anyone else?

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Linkin Park will kick off The Hunting Party tour in Orlando on Jan 15, 2015. Any other Florida Explorers interested in going? Let me know :-)

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This is a pretty cool video that I took with my #GoogleGlass of the #BlueManGroup concert that I took last week while I was in #Disney.

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The awesome Becca Sampson from Google Glass Community Management shared some time with me last week at the Epcot Food & Wine Festival.

Membership Requests

We've had a sharp increase in membership requests, however they are not from Florida centric people or places (most recent one was from Russia). These mostly appear to be attempts to join all Glass related communities, including ours, and there's no way to tell if it's enthusiasts or spammers.

This community has chosen to remain private, so I've been making an effort with each request to visit their profile, find them on LinkedIn, etc., to determine if they are really a Florida Explorer. Most of the time there's no information - they have a blank profile and no other data, and in that circumstance I have no choice but to reject the request.

If you know someone who wants to join, or recommend to someone that they do join, please make sure their G+ profile has basic elements to handle the request seriously (avatar image, name) and good indications they are a Florida Explorer (current employer or home location or Florida centric posts, friends with lots of Floridians, link to their blog etc.).


Who can recommend a small but great portable battery pack for #GoogleGlass?

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Great news: We got the green light from +Larry Pedrosa for #SMWMiami   to host a  Google Glass & Wearable Panel w/Demos! So far looks like Thursday September 25th 2pm or 3pm. We can use more volunteers for: moderator role,  Glass demo'ers,  panelists or backups, etc

LP: "Yes make sure you polish it up and be ready for lots of people to show up to see the Google Glass show!! Make sure you bring out the GoogleGlass community too.'

Thanks for the hangout: +Alexander Conroy +Dorian Sanchez +Keith I Myers 

Our rough draft:
(Feel free to add notes on the bottom for us to review)

-Any new recruits?

-Lets setup another Hangout in the future for anyone that couldn't make the last one.  Mid September maybe? 
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