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We're studying two poems right now, "Grandmother" and "The Road Not Taken".
The poem "The Road Not Taken" is about someone who has a decision to make between two roads. One was traveled by many people and the other one was traveled by less people.
The main idea of the poem is that the person chose the road less traveled by and then regreted it and that's why he called the poem "The Road Not Taken".

Maya and Shir


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What do you think about this video clip?

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The Road Not Taken

The main idea of this poem are decisions in our life and the implications.
The man stands in front the road and he needs to decide which direction he wiil taken.
looking at one direction, the road looks very shiny and green and the other direction looks Less attractive to the eye.
The poem represents the situations in our life that we need to consider all the options and their implications and choose one way.
Gal Meuchas and Amit Sabag


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The Road Not Taken
The poem The Road Not Taken is talking about two choices that we have to make in our life. The poet is telling about a difficult decision in his life.
Looking at one way, he saw that the way was becoming curvy and the other way continued straight. You can see it in the picture. Then, he picked a way and decided to go in that direction.
The poet not regret about his decision
'"I doubted if I should ever come back".

Zohar and Gal.

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What do you think about this? I'm waiting to read...

The road not taken is about chosing frome all the pathe in life, and make a good disction, not like in the pome that he changed is mind and never got a chance to go in difrent roads. So the main idea of the poame is to choose the rghit road becuase you most liklie wont get another chanece to choose

We are studying the poem "Grandmother" by Sameeneh Shirazie.
The main idea of the poem is about grandmother that tells her granddaughter about her day, and the hard house work she do.
Also, it idea means that you need to talk more with the people you care about, help them in house work and be interested in their lifes too.

We have been studying the poem "The Roed Not Taken" for a while durring english lessons.
The main idea of the poem is making decisions and growing up from those decisions you've made.
In the poem, the speaker has to choose between tow roeds.
As the poem continues, we can understand that he chose the less taken roed, and he allways lives with a feeling of dungling' and keeps looking back to the important decision.

Good morning, I would like to talk about the poem "grandmother" by Sameeneh Shirazie.
I think that the main idea is to represent the women situation at the home, that even when they are old, they still need to clean the house and work on house missions, and in the story, we can see that they grandmother is complaining to her grandaughter that its hard to her.
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