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Just got off the phone from contacting my senaters, went well love how Autumn R. Burke is on board with getting money out of politics and the AB 700. The constituent was very nice and humbly receiving of my concerns. Isador Halls lll people on the other hand seemed pressed for time but still agree to pass the message along on AB 700.

Trial Monday is here! Awesome. 2 politicians did not go to their trials. 2 politicians settled and are testifying against senator I have mentioned. Investigation since 2008 by Montana I know that to be true. thank you #wolf  #pack.

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This is Town next to town I am trying to expose for systemic corruption. Have cease and desist order against sheriff who was fed county and state senators employee. Sheriffs employee was county commissioner, mayor deputy mayor and city council mans son during last 8 year fight. Sheriffs son also employee breaking laws knowingly and willingly. They break cease and desist order and laws again. I do not #have  to #work  I had man drive me to job sites he was police informant who was impersonating DEA agent. Got these lawless officials and employees of government second cease and desist at mayors home. Mayor and council getting sued civil rights violation and conspiracy. 20,000 signatures to bring in DOJ signed. FEDS #NEVER  CAME.
Montana systemic corruption billionaires sewer spilling 35 million gallons of sewage into #yellowstones  rivers EPA scum. top right my sewer town next to one with active spill. No key to door sheriff was paid to repair maintain and preserve are sewer. I have cease and desist orders at my home and at mayors home. mayor and council getting sued civil rights violation and conspiracy. 20,000 signatures to bring in DOJ.
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Big trial Monday please #watch. Montana Has taken this western #trade  partners and state #senator  to #montana   #supremecourt   #corrupt  practices #act. Went to us supreme court #citizen   #united  challenge case not heard 5 to 4 vote 34 states sued feds to hear that case. Went to US #senate  filibustered 54 to 42. Now march 28th trial coming that documents Monday senator trying to prevent world from seeing he is as evil as I warned public about since last October 28 million views on my google accounts soon did almost 17 million in 90 days I am censored every day.
#Trial  next Monday. Fighting over several thousand documents. Article below. Bottom right documents from meth house raid in Colorado Montana corruption involved. They were in court fight in Colorado tried to destroy them. Stolen from car documents end up in Montana. Court fight again meet  +Governor Brian Schweitzer  when he #told world  #criminal   #organization   #in   #montana  October 31st 2012 article 5th document not seen on #EXIBIT  Documents that day stolen from state building again.
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Trying to expose this state senator for 8 years now. Have corruption evidence on him his clients sheriff employed by state senators clients and county. Senator has been to Montana supreme court us supreme  corrupt practices act.  Citizen united case not heard at us supreme court 34 states sued federal government to hear case. Went to us senate and now march 28th he may be removed from office first person since 1940 in Montana with that disgrace of honor. He is corrupt my video evidence and supporting documents inside this exibit prove corruption against me he called me a crusader. Both videos taken of internet twice I just reload them and post them one more time than stopped. Also I have been censored every day not allowed to post more than 10 hours and as few as 4 hours have 10,000,000 views in 56 days 20,600,000 in total. Secret service following my effort! can not wait to see states evidence I can prove! state investigating since 2008
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Post has attachment New Movie Guy's Fish Aquarium Click link above to enter Subscribe to join. Old channel is Closed. Please subscribe to my channel I would really enjoy it. Click link to enter my channel.

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#GetMoneyOut   #CitizensUnited   #corruption  
President Obama: Take action to fight secret money immediately and redeem your failed money in politics legacy

   "President Obama: In the nearly 6 years since Citizens United, super PACs and undisclosed money have come to dominate elections.
   You have tools at your disposal to fight this influx of secret money into politics.

But you have done nothing.

  You must act now or be remembered as the president whose inaction aided the rise of secret money politics.
   We demand that before your State of the Union address, you issue an executive order requiring federal contractors to disclose their political spending within 24 hours of it happening, taking effect before July 4, 2016.
   We also demand that you immediately call on the leaders you appointed to the SEC, IRS, and FCC to use their authority to unmask secret political donors, and fill all 5 FEC openings with nominees who will enforce the law."

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lone wolf needs help! way in over my head.
10,500,000 views on my google accounts have a few more small ones but reason was first account opened 2013 nov posted for one day. lost pass word gave up on internet for a while! 7000 thousand views on first account opened as getting censored opened three more accounts to be able to post opend second account david neick  got 0ver 8,00,000 was getting censored opened third account bill neick to get around being censored did we'll started censoring my account opened 2 more accounts,. since opening first account mayor and council men getting sued civil rights violations and conspiracy. police chief fired with criminal charges building inspector fired. state senator involved in criminal organization #taken  to #montana  supreme court corrupt practices act! us #supremecourt  case not heard 5 to 4 vote 34 states sued feds to hear case. Went to us senate bill of Montana corruption who leads the nation in public corruption filibustered 54 +US Senate members voted to hear! bill 42 to hide Montana corruption bill! now in court rooms documents from meth house raid involved Jan 22nd trial date. 20 accounts on facecrook impersonated FBI fed agents billionaire of facebook +Sheryl Sandberg  #attonrnet  general!  +Kamala Harris facebook employees in attemptds to defraud me.
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