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Tween Tribune is an excellent website that provides free articles, at various grade levels, for teachers to use in their lessons. You can set up a free account and then have access to a variety of articles.

Peoples, I am in need of some guidence and answers when it comes to helping my kids with the Language Arts curriculum. (Aside from the reading and comprehending text, as I know that is a vital life skill to have)
I am trying to wrap my head around what is really important to teach some of my students so if they ever get in to mainstream the have a foundation to build upon. I read the POS and picked out these key points,

Students will listen, speak, read, write, view and represent to: explore thoughts, ideas, feelings and experiences comprehend and respond personally and critically to oral, print and other media texts manage ideas and information enhance the clarity and artistry of communication respect, support and collaborate with others.

But even in that what is the goal of our LA curriculum. As a student who was a terrible writer, a poor reader and mediocre communicator, I am finding it really hard to justify having some of my students do what I know is done in so many classrooms. So I am asking for your input to educate me on why our LA curriculum is so important and what are the foundations that I should be teaching.

Thank you
Darryl Wallace

So I need a little help from you brilliant people. I have having a hard time reaching a few of my kids because they have a hard time, actively listen. No matter what the topic is they cannot attend to what I am saying. I am wondering what advice or resources you have used to try and teach kids how to listen.

Thanks ´╗┐
Darryl Wallacea

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Hi Everyone,
I am not sure how I stumbled on this site but it is amazing, especially if you are a parent or teacher of a special needs child. They have activities, feedback and support for special needs children. One of the activities focuses on hearing about what a Special Needs child feels like when they can't do something, and then it gives you an opportunity to do an activity online that mimics what they go through. Please check it out and recommend it to your parents. They will thank you !

Brilliant people, I am hoping you can assist me in finding some calming resources (I.E. Videos or independent tasks) that I can have my students with Autism do for a 30 min block in the day. We have some very complex learners and I want to teach them ways that they can re-regulate themselves. It has to be more independent because I have a few EA's on break then.

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Welcome back! Hope everyone had a relaxing break and that you all are ready to be working with students again. Here is a humorous short video that you can use when developing behaviour expectations with your students. Have a great start up!

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After school special - from the EPSB TIPS Team, on Google Read and Write - Updates and helpful new features.

Is there a voice recognition program that works similarly to Read & Write but will decipher speech impairments?

I want to draw on the collective wisdom of our collegial community! I work with struggling teens who are functionally illiterate. I find my greatest challenge is supporting the academic needs of students who are embarrassed by the level they are functioning at. I know we are to work on literacy and numeracy skills in the various subjects areas, but I have students who's functional level keeps them from reading the Science or Social Studies topics that their grade level peers are working on. The materials are not at a Division I level. I know we can incorporate functional reading using real life materials like the Learners License manual or job application forms, but again the reading and comprehension level is beyond their ability. Does anyone know of teen appropriate materials written at a Division I level or of teacher resources to give me a few more teaching ideas. Teaching illiterate teens and supporting them in a way that preserves their dignity is a challenge!

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Here is  complete free phonics program. It is very engaging.
Teach Your Monster to Read
Teach Your Monster to Read
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