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"Make your path straight"

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In bad times, good times, easy times or hard times... Love <3 Prophetic art by Pam Herrick at Blessings!

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Psalm 119:105 Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.
AMEN! And a comfort to our hearts. Prophetic art by Pam Herrick, artist at Blessings! Art inspired by Leonid Afremov. I took a go at his style and liked it very much. I look forward to painting more like this!

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Thank you for our new members! I hope to start posting art again. Hope you like this one! You are surrounded by God's Love! By Pam Herrick at I have been away awhile... Life gets so busy sometimes. I was in the hospital with ruptured appendix then after I healed, my son ended up in the hospital with blood clots in his leg. First time he has been in the hospital since 1010, it might of even been 2009. He is bedridden with traumatic brain injury from a car accident where he was hit by a car while walking, and then ran over and drug by a van. If you have not read his story, please check it out here, I hope our story will bless you. He his home now and doing much better. God bless you and your families! xoxo

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Unwavering peace
In the face
Of an uncertain tomorrow
Its stillness comes
Like the dawn
Of a new day
As the heart turns quiet
Again to hear
The broken hallelujahs
Of a faith held firm
In a Father
Who knows
And enfolds
The one who cannot breathe
Close to the heart of

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He who breathes stars
Into existence
And who cradles
The galaxy in His Hand
Also holds the one
Who aches for more
Than this world can give
And He curls the fingers
Of those that reach for Him
Into the warmth
Of His hands
As He gathers the weary close
So that His heart beats
Out The message
That His hold is strong
Emmanuel, God with us
Never alone
And never let go

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Hi I'm new to prophetic art and this community.
This work is inspired by the movement of the Holy Spirit.

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My daughter and I went on a Missions trip to Fiji with our church.  Upon visiting the Fijian church we found their worship very expressive and beautiful.  My daughter took photos of a young Fijian girl dancing and as she danced I imagined this painting.

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This is the sword I saw on Sleeping paralysis attack I used to fight against principalities, Hebrew 4:12 and that's my bible.

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Please stop by for a visit! I would be so honored! I have been working really hard designing my website set up to raise money for missions in my Son's honor. I also put A PAGE TO SHARE YOUR ART! I learned how to copy and paste code and even knew where to put it! I am amazed! I embedded Bryan's Lion post with the girl resting her head on him that I share all his stories on. I added a google like profile on the storefront page. I even made a page for kids Art! Please tell and invite your friends! Thank you so much! God bless you! ....the Lion painting here is titled, "He Is Mighty To Save!" I painted it for Bryan. (prints of it are for sale) xoxo 
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