If u want,join my clan on clash royal it's called Clah Royal Clan...I forgot to add the s XD

The new up coming games are Pokemon Moon and Sun (3ds),Super Mario Maker For 3ds,DeadRising3(Xbox one),Final Fantasy XY(Xbox one and play station 4),Dragon Ball Fusion(3ds),Red Dead Redemption 2 (Xbox one and play station 4),Horizon zero down(play station)The Last Guardian (play station 4),Spider-Man(play station 4)hitman(play station 4) but to see more go get the gamestop app and see more daily pit coming games.

If u like games like survival games the keep reading and keep playing .These are my opinions for games that I think u should play.I will list them for the top ten

10.State Of Decay,this game is a zombie survival game it is a M+ game but really fun
9.Terraria,a 2d Minecraft related game but more fun and more exploring
8.The Long Night,its a more realistic but a little bit animated but has a real life obstacles
7.Metro Last Light,this is a scary but fun game.Its a zombie survival.
6.This War Of Mine,its a 2d game but almost realistic,it also contains options to survive.
5.FallOut,a world that just ended that seems fun,its a survival shooting filled with creatures.
4.DayZ,the idea is simple...just survive. Zombies and humans are hard to kill but when it's online it's even harder
3.Ark Survival Evolved,scientist to test your survival?it's easy but with PvP and dinos it's hard.
2.Dead Island,ZOMBIES AGAIN.but these zombies are harder then others,there are about five to ten zombie types.guns knifes u name it.
1.MINECRAFT.Minecraft is a ten plus game but a pixelated blocky survival game.pvp and weird creatures is fun to.the only fun thing is that it's your imagination to make.

That's my top ten commit down below what top I should do next or how my top ten was.
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