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Bookshelf of A Bookworm

Are you crazy about reading? I've been on a reading binge lately with no end in sight! Click below to find out what's on my shelf the last weeks of summer and share what's on yours.

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In a gentle way, you can shake the world

My name is Shibu, and I was trying to find out how to achieve true happiness, and I created this.
I believe the foundation of all happiness is L.O.V.E. (love)
I believe the pillars of Happiness are in the form of 3 questions you must ask, and answer for yourself.
1) How can I love this anymore?
2) Why should I love this anymore?
3) What can I do to love this anymore?
By 'this' I mean anything. It can be a person, a place, a thing, a concept, or even an interest. These are the three pillars of true happiness, and the better you can answer these questions, the stronger each of your pillars become.
Your whole point should be to strengthen each of these pillars every day.

read "The secrets of life: being happy" on Amazon Books and Kindle Books

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Take the Happiness Test from Tiny Buddha: ARE YOU HAPPY???

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Project Vision - Newest post in regards to Dream Boards

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