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#Pranayamas for #high_blood_pressure
Apart from #yoga_asanas, pranayamas or #breathing_exercise can also help control your #blood_pressure levels:
#Bhastrika_Pranayama: Increases oxygen supply to all parts of the body, thus improving blood circulation. It relieves #stress and hypertension.
#Kapalbhati_Pranayama: Helps remove fat from the belly region and is effective in general #weightloss.
#Bhramari_Pranayama: The vibrations generated by this bee breath pranayama resonate within. Deeply relaxing the body and #mind. It relieves tension and anxiety. Helps balance high blood pressure.
#Anulom_Vilom_Pranayama: This is a calming and #powerful pranayama. It can even help remove blockages in your arteries to a great extent. It improves #blood_circulation in the head region.
• Full #Yogic_Breathing Helps you breathe slowly. If your #heart rate is too fast, this technique helps slow it down. It relaxes your whole body.
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#Pansit_pansitan or also known as Peperomina Pellucida Linn is a common fleshy light rooted herb that has been utilized as food item and also as a #medicinal_herb.
It is a tiny, fleshy herb that measures about #40cm tall that usually grows in yards, nooks and other damp areas. The plant contains green, hert-shaped leaves, #fleshy stems which produces small #flowers on a spike. The tiny, oblong-shaped fruits can become black when it becomes #ripe
The whole #plant is fit for human consumption in both cooked and raw form. Pansit pansitan has taken its place in the folkloric herbal medicine which provides a lot of #health_benefits which includes gout, arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.

Pansit pansitan has been widely used as folkloric herbal medicine. It is actually known for the following health benefits:
#Arthritis, Uric Acid and Gout
#Pimples, Skin Bolls, Wounds, Burns and Skin Inflammation
#Headache, Fever and Abdominal Pains

Even though there are no adequate studies have been made to determine the side effects of this plant when it is taken in medicinal amount to infants and babies, just simply stay on the safer side. Do not take Pansit herbal medicine dosage when you are pregnant and if you are breast feeding as well.

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Enhancing Patient Immunity to #Fight_Cancer

Despite the fact that they are toxic and carcinogenic, chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery (the “Big 3”) are widely accepted as the standard treatments for cancer.

Additional drugs are utilized to stop the growth of cancer cells, treat side effects from the chemo and radiation, and manage pain.

Throughout traditional cancer treatment, the patient’s body is under attack by the disease and by medical attempts to kill the disease. It is exhausting, dangerous, and the side effects are substantial. Over the past century, despite their abysmal success rates, the “Big 3” treatments have gradually been accepted by the medical community at large as the “standard of care” for treating cancer.

Although they are thought of as “traditional,” they actually are quite new treatments, whereas the treatments that are thought of as “alternative”
(such as herbal remedies) have been used for thousands of years.
Partly due to this bastardizing of the true meaning of these words and partly due to the vast revenues that they generate, the “Big 3” treatments have become the “norm” – unlike most preventative, alternative, and complementary therapies that do not increase industry profit.

The Science of Immunotherapy A new treatment has caught the attention of scientists and doctors. Initial results for the patient are incredible. It’s called immunotherapy and the goal is to empower your own immune system to beat cancer. Those interested in the field of immunology recognize the power of the human body. They’d like to put it to work…doing what it does best.

Director of the Cancer Immunology Program, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Dr. Drew Pardoll, PhD, explained, “After years of research in this field, we began to learn that tumors resisted being eliminated by the patient’s immune system by co-opting inhibitory pathways, thus putting the brakes on the immune response. In fact, the tumors could highly upregulate [increase the response of] molecules that would stop a T cell in its tracks and protect the cancer.”

Immunotherapy involves engineering or enhancing the immune cells of the cancer patient to wipe out cancer cells. This therapy is also called adoptive cell transfer (ACT). Initial clinical trial results have been remarkable.
Significant improvement to overall patient health, elimination of the cancer cells, and remaining cancer free.

Though experts agree that many more studies will need to be done, there is no doubt that the human immune system is up to the challenge if given the right tools. The Living Drug Immunotherapy is considered the “living drug.” Its building blocks are T-cells, which are collected from the blood of the patient. These cells are then altered to create “special receptors” referred to as chimerical antigen receptors (CARs). These CARs are a type of protein that enables the T-cells to attack the antigen – the protein found in cancer cells.

These engineered T-cells are cultured in the lab and allowed to grow to billions in number. Then the CAR T-cells are injected into the patient where, if everything goes well, the T-cells will reproduce, seek out cancer cell antigens, and destroy them. Experimentation on T-cells began in the 1990s when researchers considered it for new cancer treatment. Scientists utilized viral vectors that are deprived of their capacity to produce illness but are still able to join with human DNA to provide the genetic material required for the creation of T-cell receptors. Second and third generations of CARs have monoclonal antibodies, referred to as “single-chain variable fragments” (scFv), which inhabit the surface of the T-cell membrane and associate with the “stimulatory molecules” within the T-cell. The scFv guides the T-cell toward its target – the antigen. Once the T-cell is linked to the antigen, the stimulatory molecules activate the T-cells to annihilate the cancer cells. Today, researchers and specialists are finding ways to generate more powerful T-cells that will completely eliminate cancer cells from the patient’s body. The Benefits of Immunotherapy Experts think ACT could be the answer to B-cell diseases such as chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

Approximately 8-in-10 children who have acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)
are treated using intensive chemotherapy. However, if the cancer returns after treatment (which is almost always does), the patients are left with no further options. The ACT is a new option for this group of patients. Two trials were conducted for the CAR T-cells. Each patient was injected with engineered T-cells to attack the CD19 antigen, which is on the surface of the B cells. The first trial, referred to as the CHOP trial, was conducted in the University of Pennsylvania. The majority of the patients responded positively to the treatment.
Although 3 out of the 17 participants were diagnosed with cancer again, fourteen remained cancer free. On the second trial conducted at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) by Daniel W. Lee, nine out of fifteen patients responded positively to the treatment. During the trial, two patients received only a small dose of the CAR T-cells compared to the other patients, nevertheless, those patients also reacted to the treatment positively. Side Effects of Immunotherapy The ACT causes bothersome side effects referred to as cytokine-release syndrome.

Engineered T-cells give off cytokines – chemical messengers that aid the T-cells in completing their mission. Excess cytokines in the bloodstream can cause high fever and low blood pressure. In the trials conducted for T-cells, some of the patients experienced the syndrome while others only reported mild side effects. Researchers are putting forth their best efforts to improve the ACT process so it can be used as a standard cancer treatment. If immunotherapy gains ground, as well as the funding and manufacturing ability necessary to administer it, then it will change the face of cancer treatment around the world. We can only hope that it will become more accepted and become oncologists’ first choice to treat their patients – before using toxic chemo drugs, radiation, or surgery.

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Personal Development 101 – Part 1
How to Create Good Habits

Setting yourself up to create good habits is a great way to live a better life. To go even further, consider trying to break any bad habits that may be holding you back. These tips will help with both creating good habits and breaking bad ones.

1. Picture Your Future:
A great way to start establishing good habits is to imagine how your life will be when you create those habits. If you are trying to increase wealth and the habit to help you do this is to save, imagine how different your life will be when this is accomplished. You can use this visualization for bad habits as well. If you are a smoker, think about how much better you will feel if you quit after some predefined duration.

2. Take It Slow:
Whatever the habit-forming activity, trying to make it happen too quickly will lead you to become discouraged. For instance, when trying to lose weight, if your goal is to lose 50 pounds in one week, this may not be a realistic goal nor healthy.

3. Work With Others:
When there is a group of people who are all looking to create a certain habit, the chances of succeeding will increase. It’s also more fun when others are involved. The group will offer input that would not otherwise be available doing everything on your own. The group can also help you stay on track. You can help them do the same.

4. Set Backs Are Normal:
There are going to be times when you break whatever habit you are trying to form. This can lead many people to mistakenly believe that it wasn’t meant to be and quit prematurely. In most cases, simply pick up from where you left off until the new habit is firmed established.

5. Make a Plan:
If you plan out the steps required to create your habit, you will find it much easier to follow it. It becomes a matter of simply following the directions that you set out for yourself. If you find other ways that work better, you can make a note of these for future reference.

6. Be Committed:
When you commit to your new habits (or removing old ones), you set a mental note that it is something you want. Sometimes, you will need to reaffirm those commitments. There is research to suggest that if you continue your habits for 21 days, it becomes easier to keep them going after that period. If nothing else, commit to that period.

7. Removing Bad Habits Frees Up Time for Good Ones:
We have only a small amount of time available to us, every day. If you focus your time on your bad habits, you will have less time available to concentrate on creating good habits.

8. Read About Successes of Others:
There is a good chance that others have created the same habits you are trying to do. Read books about the success stories of others. This will reinforce your positive mindset.

Another useful tip: Get in the Habit of Keeping a Journal>

Book Selections:> The Power of Habit:
Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Bigger Results:

“The chains of habit are generally too small to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.” ~Samuel Johnson

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#Vitamin_A #Benefits_for_Skin, #Hair_and_Eyes

Vitamin A is necessary to support all #skin_cells, both #internally and #externally. It is necessary to form #glycoprotein’s, a combination of #sugar and #protein, that help #cells to bind together to form #soft_tissues. Because of this function, vitamin A is necessary for #healing and #regrowth of the #skin.

Vitamin A is essential for #skin_health and a deficiency can lead to a bad #complexion. Studies have shown that #eating_foods #rich in vitamin A can fight #acne and improve the #overall_health of the skin.

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#Yoga is not only #stretching. #Static_stretching will #decrease performance
• Yoga creates #functional_strength that assists us in everyday #activities like #lifting, #bending,
#sitting, #walking.
• Most #yoga_postures, by contrast, are a series of focused and #intense contractions coupled with specific #breathing patterns that yield gains in #flexibility, mobility, and strength
• Use #yoga_stretches on active rest days or after your #training_session for strengthening
• In order to utilize yoga postures for the purpose of #gaining_strength and increasing performance, practice them after your training session so that your body has at least 24 hours to recover from the #poses.
#Although_yoga is restorative, it is still a very intense #physical_practice (when you want it to be) and your #body, #especially your nervous system, #needs time to recover from it.

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#5_Foods_That_Fight #H_Pylori_Infection

1. #Garlic
#Garlic_contains a wide range of #thiosulphinates, which have been shown to be responsible for their #high_antibacterial and #antimicrobial properties. #Mixing_raw, #chopped, #organic_garlic into raw honey can help alleviate your #symptoms as the healing #combination #eradicates the offending #bacterium. Raw honey also has strong #antimicrobial properties and, taken together, can act as powerful #natural_medicine.

2. #Onions
According to a study conducted by the #Pediatric Infectious #Disease Journal, the allium content in onions help decrease your risk of #gastric_cancer. Like garlic, onion is best consumed raw. Mix a teaspoon of #chopped_garlic with raw honey or use the onion as a #salad topping.

3. #Cranberry_Juice
An article in #Helicobacter Journal showed a 14.43% decrease in #H._Pylori_infection after the subjects consumed cranberry #juice for 35 days. If you decide to use #cranberry_juice, take care to avoid the mixed blends as they contain #artificial_sugar. Instead, invest in pure, unsweetened cranberry juice.

4. #Oregano
Oregano is one of the strongest #natural_antibiotics available. Mixed with #cranberry, oregano has been shown to #eradicate certain strains of H. Pylori infection. Mix fresh #organic_oregano into pasta sauces or just chew on the leaves and wash them down with pure, #organic_cranberry juice.

5. #Curcumin
Curcumin is a #chemical_compound in #turmeric that gives it its yellow color. #Adding_turmeric to your diet can help eliminate H. Pylori infection while improving the #integrity of your intestinal lining. #Turmeric is also a very strong anti-inflammatory and can help ease intestinal #discomfort.

The most common conventional treatment for H. Pylori infection is several rounds of antibiotics and acid suppressors. Unfortunately, this is not always the best approach as it can deplete even your healthy bacteria and worsen your digestive problems over time.

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Here's a photo of few basic breathing techniques and yoga postures to help you #counter_asthma more effectively:

Start with this #pranayama ( #breathing #technique) to calm your #mind and relieve the #body of accumulated #stress. This breathing technique has a healing #effect on many respiratory and circulatory problems.

This breathing technique #relaxes the mind and #energizes the #nervous_system. Is also cleans all #nadis (energy channels) and improves #blood_circulation.


Twisting the half of the #spine_opens the #chest and improves #oxygen delivery to the lungs, #reducing the likelihood that #asthma will restrict you.

This pose is good for people with asthma because it #massages the #abdominal_organs and #promotes_digestion and #release_of_gas.

#Bridging_opens the #chest, #lungs and reduces the #thyroid_problem. It also #improves_digestion and is very #effective for #asthma_patients.

The #Cobra_pose widens the chest, improves blood circulation and is #highly_recommended for #people_with_asthma.

This #yoga_for_asthma helps calm the mind, #relieves_stress and is good for people with asthma and #sinusitis.

#Butterfly_laying_stimulates and improves blood circulation, #relieves_fatigue and has a #therapeutic #effect_on_asthma.

#Planking_upwards improves the #respiratory_system, #stimulates the #thyroid_gland and also #strengthens_the_wrists, #arms, #back and #spine.

Finish your #yoga practice by #lying_down for a few minutes in the #pose of the corpse. This #pose_brings the body into a #meditative_state, #rejuvenates and helps to #reduce #anxiety and #pressure. A calm and #relaxed_body and #mindset are #essential for #fighting_asthma.

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