Am a bit annoyed, do you know why?  This is my third composition and my keyboard kept deleting them. 

Hello guys!  How are you doing out there? I am hoping that everything is alright around you and your family is happy and good.  Well,  hearing the news around the globe is so disturbing.  Honestly, I am so alone right now and that I have nobody to talk to.  Usually, when I am alone and I have loads of things  inside my mind, I used to write them but with the access to the world through internet, at least I can share what is on my mind and burden you people to read it.  

I love argument but it happen that I cannot argue the people around me because my line of thinking is so different from them.  I have one person, whom I used to talk to but we are so far away to each other and it is impossible to have him all the time listening to me when the distance is so far.  

News, if you turn on your television, from one channel to another what you see are crimes, in different forms from one country to another.  As always, scary and deadly news, suffering, in different forms, from one country to another, there is light news that will make you smile a bit but most of the news are all disturbance and alarming.  They are so heavy for my eyes to see and I don't understand where the conflict starts and when it will end.  People with power soars high and always get what they wants using all the way there is for them to achieve whatever they wanted to have while, people below are struggling to at least have a share of that power and the most horrible truth is that people, penniless people, who have nothing stays wherever they are in the community and always the abused one.  

People who are nothing in the society stays on the ground, there are some who have connections, who made these people on the ground their toy and just used them for their benefit and don't even give a damn about them.  People with power uses all their connections to get more wealth and power. 

A reality that everybody knows and until now it is like that and it even became worst.  

Will there be a day, a month, a year to at least feel that there is a change on how this world is really working.  I mean at least a day where everybody is happy and safe wherever they are.   People will not hesitate to help whoever is in need and will try to make those sad people at least wear a smile.  A world where everybody will take responsibility of everybody in every way there is.  Maybe if that happens, there will be no rebellion, no sufferings, no poverty and by then, I can say that it is so nice to live.  How can people with power, sleep at night, seeing the world tumbles down before them.  Can we call them a good leader when people around them are crying, are dying, and are suffocated with the system?  I am just nobody but my dream is to live in a peaceful community next to the people whom I love the most, sharing my laughter with them, sharing every single day with them full of happiness and contentment.  Praying that poverty can be cured soon for me to come home to my family, to share every minute of my life with them, to see every faces of my family every morning and share the fruit of this world with them, go to the church with my community, and live a life with no worries what awaits for tomorrow, feeling so secured with everybody.   

A wish that I even don't know it if become a realization.  Some people said that what is written in the bible are now occuring, and I think they are right.  Are these signs are really the signs of the end of the world?
Killing is here and there, dying is here and everywhere, parents kill their children and children kill their parents, siblings to siblings, people are greedy of power and wealth, nation are fighting against nation, and leaders are showing off their power by pressing those small nations down to the ground while nation with power fights to overpower and win the power.  Who can end this? Is it just God  who can mend this?  Is there a chance that people with power bring their resources together to bring back peace and unity?  Are people who kill people really lost their humanity and just let evil to rule them?   Can everybody stop from being busy. sit down for awhile, close your eyes and ask yourself,  Is this the kind of world that I wanna show to the next generation?  Is this the kind of life I want to pass on to my children?  Is this the kind of trouble and worrisome world is the kind of world that I wanna share to the person that I love the most?  Is this kind of place is what I like the most to share with everybody?  What am I doing with my life?  This life is a gift from up above, should I really waste this or shall I make this life productive in obtaining peace and prosperity....... 

Well I think, my brain works so well tonight that I see the whole picture of the world that we live in... I am so sorry guys but these things that I share to you is just a product of being alone.   Hope I did not offend anybody....  I am now going to sleep and I am  just praying that tomorrow will be a new day for all of us.... goodnight everyone.

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Hi guys......good afternoon........ I am home early and so I have all the time to explore the world of internet.  Nothing is so special nowadays except for a fact that I am strong and healthy.   I need something to keep me going and yet I couldn't do it.  A bit blue today.... I am just hoping that tomorrow will be a brand new day with something exciting.  To cut it short I am sad today.
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