It 's quite sometime that I haven't open this account. I am hoping to have some time soon to do things here , silly or serious things , only time can tell. One day, and not now. At this period of time, I have loaD of nuisance in my brain and for sure I cannot think we'll and cannot share the things that I really wanted to share to you and not just a very complicated issues of this world, probably soon.

When I heard that my little boy fell off a horse my heart was so scared, it really is very scary because my little boys are my life. I wanna fly back home right then and there, of course I cannot. I just arrived few weeks ago for my annual vacation. This is one of the disadvantage when you work overseas, anything happens at home, you are helpless but to endure your longing. What a reality.

Feeling sad, very sad.

Thank you Ghj Hyyu for becoming a member in this community of mine, it would be much appreciated if you dare to share your life story, whichever chapter would that be, it is fine.  I dare you.... this community would love to hear anything from you...........

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When I was young I used to look up at the blue clear sky whenever I hear a plane passing by, wondering how they fly up in the sky, and where they are heading to.  Some of them were seen small and some of them were seen a bit big.  Ahh…. , yeah I remembered I told myself, one day I wanna see a real plane.  
Our house was nested next to a stream and I remember that during rainy season, the water turn from white to light blue, not just that, we were next to the mountains, since we were so far from the town that our mode of transportation back then were  just horses and carabaos or buffalos. I used  to climbed a coffee and coconut  and any other fruit bearing trees. There was no electricity, neither television nor Cassette and what we’ve got was just a battery operated am-fm radio.  Though we live lived next to the mountains, we never live a hard life for my father was a good provider.  Our parents sent us to school for they said a life without education would be hard. Elementary life passes-by and high school came in.  A bit hard for this time, me and my sister, needs to walk a seven kilometer footpath to our boardinghouse week after week until we graduated high school. This hardships and struggles were the reason why I told myself to work so hard to get into college and earn a degree but my father died right after I graduated high school and so  I have to stop and wait when my mother can send to college.  Frustrated, after a year, I decided to run as a youth  leader for the reason that as elected one, I would be granted a free tuition fees to a government school, of course, the more it was harder since I have to come to the village every weekend to plan for any activities and projects for the youth and I need to maintain my school grades as well, but with God’s help I survived until I earned my degree, but hard life did not just stops there, I jumped from one job   to another due to low salary grade  until I decided to go abroad telling myself that with that at least I can earn a bigger salary.
Luckily, I was able to fly abroad with the help of some generous people, but it was another frustration for the salary was not that good and  that the workload was too much to bear,  I landed to a housemaid job abroad.  The moment I enter the plane, I right away said, “Oh, so this is what an airplane looks like”.  It was so big with a crowd in it. Months passes by and I got sick due to a work overload at young age and then reality struck  that life living alone is scary and I decided to really get married the soonest right after my contract ends, of which I really did. I went back home, got married  to a farmer and have kids.  Locally, I found a job in a minimum wage rate. At first, it was fine  for I could financially met our daily needs.  There was no extra income and no savings, and life seems fine with a very loving and thoughtful husband. But contentment lasted only for three years after marriage. There was an emergency that needed a couple of bills and we had no savings at all, an awakening moment, a wake -up call. Right then and there I decided to go back abroad and again God is so good that I landed to a better job with a better salary. It was not that easy because what’s killing me was homesickness to my beautiful children. I said, okay fine I will save more and fast to go home for good to be the kids, it was so easy planning many good things but so hard to materialized. A year become years and still I am struggling, the only good thing is that I became wise in saving and investing on something.  With pride I can say now that partly  I succeeded  for at least in five years’ time I was able to pay all my debts and invested something for my children’s’ future.  I am very much willing to work much longer abroad to make sure that their future will be secured.  I am just praying that I am doing the right job of securing their future.
Lately, my 6 year old little boy stops from going to school for no reason….. What a life.  Expectedly, I am so shocked and angry.
Confusion …. Confusion….. Should I continue working abroad when my little boy needs me by his side for guidance….. What do you think should I do?  Should I come home and do my motherly obligation to him or let it slide and think that maybe soon my little angel will realize it by himself that education is a must-have in this life….. OH NO !!!!!!!! What should I do? Who can help?
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