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The newest issue of Tsunami Quarterly Review is now available for just $1.50 at Drive Thru RPG!  Great articles on immersive play, narrative control, violence and character psychology, and a parcel of new city locations for your fantasy urban adventuring.  Pick up a copy today! 

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The latest issue of Tsunami Quarterly Review is now available!  In honor of the new year, the theme is "fresh starts, new beginnings" and features guest articles from +George Sedgwick from +RPG Circus, +Christopher Sniezak from the Misdirected Mark, and JiB from +Happy Jacks RPG Podcast!  Pick up a copy today!

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If anyone would like to submit a contribution (gaming advice article, gaming content, review, or artwork) for this month's issue of Tsunami Quarterly Review, I need it by the first part of next week to get it in the magazine.  Be sure to let me know if you're planning to send something!  And remember to include some sort of graphic icon and referral link to be included in the PDF.  Send contributions to Thanks!

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A Christmas wish from all your friends at Metagamers Anonymous!

I have an interview with Bruce Cordell in about half an hour... anyone have any questions for Bruce?  We'll talk about his career a bit and discuss his current Kickstarter for The Strange.

We're recording our Halloween episode soon... nothing quite as theatrical as last year, I'm afraid, but we ARE going to talk horror in gaming as the latest installment in our "settings" series (though I'm personally of the opinion that it doesn't entirely qualify... and we'll get to that).  Do you have any great stories about using the trappings of horror in an RPG in a place where it wasn't expected?

Recording a new episode with the cast tomorrow night... +Justin Wilson will be joining us for a discussion of "character presentation", a how-to guide for bringing your characters to life in the minds of your fellow players while sitting at the table.  I think it's one of the most powerful toolsets in a roleplayer's arsneal and one of the most complicated aspects of the art of roleplaying.  Anyone have any tips or stories they'd like to share?

Welcome to the G+ Community for METAGAMERS ANONYMOUS.  Here you will find a place to discuss your ideas for better roleplaying, RPG questions, system debates, general tabletop shenanigans, topics discussed on the show, ideas for future discourse, and so forth... without fear of reprisal or ridicule.  Most of the time.  Won't cost you a thing.

Hello.  My name is Erik... and I used to be a Metagamer.

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For anyone who didn't catch it, I had an interestingly intimate discussion with my wife +Jonikka Carl on our most recent regular episode of the show.  It was a surprisingly good episode.  I say "surprising" because I've always been nervous about the entertainment value of the program with just a couple of hosts; though it's a common theme in commercial radio, you also always have other elements to help pick up the slack (features, established segments, music, spot breaks, and so forth).  But after listening to the episode following its release, I was really pleased at the way it shook out.  Our easy camaraderie and common love for the subject matter really seemed to come through.

I'd love to know what you think of it, and I'd similarly love to hear your thoughts about gaming with a significant other and how it affects the experience, for better or for worse.  Incidentally, the show also included a really cool little interview with +A Meyer with

You can hear the episode here:
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