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Good morning All,

Today we decree Data Hunting season ‘officially open’ with the return of our award winning augmented reality app – Data Hunt.

This year we are really focusing on the fact that anyone, no matter your network, can play Data Hunt which is part of all our advertising and notifications. Check out our brand new TVC here.

Although this is a 2degrees App, anyone can get free data, no matter your network

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Just wondering what you all use for external rechargable battery packs?

I'd recommended an Anker one for a NZ based player - but they dont seem to be available.

Any suggestions to something half decent?

Hi Guys,

It is that time of year and my enlightened husband and myself are coming to play around Canterbury and Otago. Are there any slack rooms or hang outs we can be added to?

Is it possible to see the current faction map of Christchurch before joining a side?

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Oh yeah :D

Hey everyone I'm a Christchurch guy currently living in Perth who is coming home for 9 days in September. Are there any resistance hangouts for Christchurch? I'm level 15

Hello lads and ladies, just a quick question regarding an idea that has been bouncing around in my head for a short while.

2015 was a flagship year for augmented reality technology, it saw growth in the playerbase of Ingress, it saw development of the Dust cloud and towards the end Pokemon go was announced to the world.

So here is the idea that has been bouncing around in my head... Would players of Ingress and other augmented reality games be interested in a cafe that caters to their interests, that perhaps has themed decorations and devices such as an intel map for Ingress players, allowing them to come in while out and about, grab a coffee and something to eat and at the same time checking the map, perhaps even chatting with other players in a face to face setting.

Thoughts, reactions?

And if I did decide to go forward with this idea would anyone in the community be willing to support it? I have been considering using platforms such as Indiegogo or Kickstarter to help fund the initial setup.

Thanks for your time once again lads and ladies.

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Having so much fun. I love the badges and leveling up but I love the exercise I'm getting even more.
Was out for about 2 hours tonight on my bike which helped with the distance walked due to my legs not being used to it and not being able to go any faster!
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