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Great News! We've started selling Store Manger for WooCommerce at early bird price! Check this post for details -

Current features:
- View/modify/delete product, category, tags, attributes
- Product/category drag-and-drop
- Multiple WooCommerce stores management
- Database backup and restore
- Barcode scanner support
- Access management - manage store users setting roles and permissions
- Quick and robust catalog navigation
- Flexible grid filtering and export (grid product data) to different file formats
- Raw Table Editor - quick access to database tables
- Barcode Label Products and Best Products reports

Upcoming features:
- Export products, categories, tags, users to .csv file
- Import of products from files of various formats csv, xls,xlsx, xml, ods, txt, zip
- Import of users (without passwords)
- Import of categories and tags from csv, xls,xlsx, xml, ods, txt, zip files

Your License Key won’t be disabled or blocked if you decide to proceed using it. Each beta license is time limited and issued for 3 month. Once you order full License you will be able to use fully-functional Store Manager lifetime, though 6 month of free update services will be included.

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Hi, checking the functionality of the system, I see that when you have to assign an image to a category or a product from the media library, it does not indicate what size has each image shown in the grid. If we have the same image in various sizes, we usually use the thumbnails for the categories or images of the products we see when selecting a category. The problem is that in the grid of the media library, all the images are seen the same size and not knowing the size of them, it is very likely that if the images do not indicate the size in the name, choose a very large And assign it to a thumbnail.
Once assigned , there is information of its size and if we choose the wrong image, we must repeat the process searched again another image in the media library, which is very tedious and waste us a lot of time, especially if we are incorporating or modifying many articles or categories.

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Hello Ira ,

I was trying to incorporate images into many articles and categories in the same way that a webmaster has to do when incorporating or modifying the images of many articles from the media library.

1 - The media library takes a long time to open. When we have to assign hundreds of images to categories or articles one has a desire to commit suicide!.

2 - To speed up the opening of the media library, it should start when you start the program and stay in the background. Instead of being a modal dialog it should be a normal window that stays on top when requested. Because it is not modal, it allows us to interact with the rest of the application. Therefore we can drag and drop an image from the media library onto a category or a product. If we have 10 articles in the grid, we could drag and drop in a few seconds the different images on the different articles without closing the window of the media library.

This change would allow this part of the process of creation or modification of articles to be speeded up notoriously, since we should only be dragging and dropping the different images on each article of the grid or on the categories and when we have finished we send to background the window Media library using the "HIDE" button in the diagram.

The best of all is that once made for one of the systems can be added very easily to other managers (prestashop, magento, oscommerce, etc, etc.)

Regards !

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Hi Ira !,

First bug :(
After assigning hundreds of articles to their respective categories I proceeded to post the changes on the web server but ... the process always fails in the same place. I've done it 4 times and it always stops the same way.
When it processes 49% of the data (400037 of 81834) it begins to upload the data to the server. When it reaches 100% (7457010 of 7457010 bytes) begins to upload again. In total, it makes three identical uploads and the process stops when the window is opened with the error: "checksum are different".

And now ??...
First I will close the store manager, start it again and try to save the changes again.
If this fails I will try to post the changes manually on the mysql server of the cloud server.
Then I tell them how it ended.
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Good day,
I installed the trial version of store manager for wocommerce a few days ago.
I have installed the free version of store manager for oscommerce and from what I have seen so far it seems more complete and intuitive. I think they should take advantage of the excellent features of the program for oscommerce and enhance that of woocommerce.
Since your company has developed the different versions (oscommerce, woocommerce, prestashop, magento, etc) it seems to me that it would not be very difficult to implement a functionality so that the person who purchases, for example Store Manager for Woocommerce can migrate your entire site from Another of the existing ecommerce systems (prestashop, oscommerce, magento, etc etc)
I have 18 years of experience programming commercial applications in Delphi and I think I could contribute to the development of their systems, as a tester and contributing many ideas that I have in mind to enhance their systems.
I have a few days left of the trial period and I would like to know how I can do to enter the beta tester program before my system stops working, since there are many things that I have to try still and I do not have the time to try and Document suggestions or errors.
Thanks in advance.
Greetings from Argentina.
Luis Masgoret

Hi, I want to become a tester. What do i need to do?

Store Manager for WooCommerce Beta v. has been just released! 

The highlights of the release are:
- WooCommerce shipping class support has been added - now you can create, modify, remove shipping classes, import/export them via wizard, assign shipping classes to products (Simple and Variable);

- Progress bar, displaying product import (with variations) performance, has been optimized;
- Shipping Class field has been added to Mass Product Changer;
- Shipping Class field has been added to product Import/Export wizard of Store Manager for WooCommerce.

- Previously only 64 attributes displayed in product lower grid dropdown of Store Manager for WooCommerce. There is no limitations on number of attributes now and all existing product attributes are shown in the list, so you can assign necessary one to WooCommerce products;
- When attribute is being assigned to product, "Apply" and "Cancel" buttons appear automatically, so you can either confirm or cancel the action;
- Previously import/export wizard displayed non-existed in Store Manager attributes. Now attributes, that have been deleted, do not display in the wizard;
- Incorrect "Sale Price From" and "Sale Price To" fields export/import has been fixed;
- Variables are now generated properly if names of attributes, used for their creation, consist of more than 18 characters;
- Category select via Ctrl+A hotkeys now work properly.

Known Issues:
- Count for Shipping Class value does not calculate properly, if bulk Shipping Class field update via Mass Product Changer/import is performed or products with Shipping Class are removed;
- Incorrect Shipping Class slug import - unique slugs are not created;

You can download the application by the link -

Please note, this is Beta version and all the inconveniences, you encounter, will be fixed in official Store Manager for WooCommerce version.

Hi guys, just a quick question. Is it possible to change prices in bulk within store manager? If not directly, is it possible to csv export all products, change prices and to import them again? Thanks!

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Hurry up! Get Store Manager for WooCommerce at the Lowest Price Today! Details are here:

Store Manager for WooCommerce v. Commercial has been rolled out!

Here are enhancements and features implemented:

-  New options, related to WooCommerce image management, have been added to the context menu of respective Store Manager form. Now you can add/remove category images, feature images, media gallery images using functionality available in the context menu 

- Product Type field has been added to Import/Export product wizard
- “Draft” option has been added. It is available on the toolbar and allows to quickly change status for multiple products
- WooCommerce product import has been optimized in this Store Manager release
- Image thumbnail representation in product has been optimized

- Previously Parent categories of WooCommerce subcategories, created in Admin, were displayed improperly in Store Manager. The issue has been fixed and category tree is displayed accurately in the application now
- Product drag-and-drop works properly now. You can move multiple selected products to necessary category swimmingly
- “Post Modified” field was not updated after import. The problem has been eliminated and this field is renewed via import
- Add and Modify option (product import wizard) did not function properly. The problem has been corrected in this release of Store Manager for WooCommerce and now you can select it if you need to update existing products and add new ones simultaneously
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