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Not familiar with Google+  but in need of something positive, that reflects my beliefs, and mostly people who understand more than the problems, people who are creative thinkers, and who know what is current is at an end, and that we have the power to take the lead in what follows.

The comment "a world without wealth" is breath-taking to me.  It is something that I have pondered for a very long while.  Is wealth the primary cause of poverty?

Our economic structure will collapse within the next 20 years. We have reached a breaking point. Our generation is up for some of the biggest changes humanity has ever faced. We hardly have the beginnings of a structure to support a society that does not depend on an economic structure. The world has enormous potential to fall into anarchy... and through those ashes, we must rise.

How about getting rid of the people who pass the laws and bills in our country?..replacing it with something more give people more of a say. With social media and internet, it should no longer be up to the decision of "political" figures to decide our future. I think, just like how "kickstarter" works, it should be people can express their thoughts/ideas, and the whole nation can vote on whether they agree or disagree, and then the politicians must pass the bill/law according to the amount of votes those people put in. The ideas though must have strong descriptions, and be looked over by approved editors to insure the meaning is properly portrayed.

Its been a while, and with the new global stage still shifting, things still haven't improved much. Russia is getting ancy again, and the U.S. continues to try and retain its "glorious" power, and China is sitting on the sidelines. All in all...the governments are still averting everyone's attention, while maintaining their grasp on all our lives. We need a much stronger push to revolutionize society and the world as a whole.

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Discovery Channel - Free Energy

Here are some people that are pushing technological advances for the benefit of mankind, yet Corporations/Politicians/Governments have denied them. They need our support.

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Here is a concept I came across, something that we should highly consider and support this man.

What more would it take to spread such radical concepts? Concepts that people easily ignore, in favor of Government/Corporate propaganda, or Wealth?

The possibilities of this initiative have big hurdles. The first things to figure out, is how to lay the foundations in such a way that a transition is a much easier possibility.
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