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No being mean because you don't like a character
If there's a problem say so
No asking to be mod or owner,I choose mod and there is only one owner
You can be anything but don't make it something that is bad(a whore,a mistake,etc.)
Keep in mind: the "spam report" category is there for if you find something to be spam. Posts like "repost or this will happen" are spam. If you see me commenting on a post like that then it isn't much. Voting posts like "repost for this or like for this" are ok. Just don't post more then three times.
Thanks! Have fun!

If there's a rule that is not there and you think should be there,comment. I'll think about it

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Has anyone watched the movie Moana?
If you have not, thus article will make you love to watch it.

Here are Six Powerful,Life Changing Lessons from the Movie.

You need to read this to improve yourself.
Here is the link:

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My dad used to say "Love is as strong as death; many waters cannot quench love neither can the oceans drown love"

Sometimes we think that we have suddenly lost the LOVE of our relationships, it isn't true (as long as you had any love). Don't rush immediately into thinking love is dead Rather this is what you lost

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The importance of meditation is so great that ancient priests and leaders who knew created sort of mystery around it; the intention was to keep it away from the ordinary people.
Self-awareness, concentration, problem solving, inner peace, control, gentleness, empathy, healing, gratitude, healthy relationships and connection with nature are some of the benefits of meditation.

Here are different ways I do meditate:

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Who defines you?
Is it people or is it yourself?

It is a challenging thing that most people tend to define us, make us look and talk like them.
You need to define yourself using your own core values and beliefs.
I challenge you to define yourself!

Here is an article that will help you achieve defining yourself:

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Hello every1

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