What have folks been up to? Any Lunasa or Imbolc celebrations? (Or equivalent in other languages)

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Belated Happy Solstice- whether Summer or Winter- I was rather busy with between Father's Day one weekend & Pride on the next! http://lairbhan.blogspot.com/2017/06/oiche-fheile-eoin-la-fheile-eoin.html

I am doing a history paper for college and I need to do it on the "Scot-Irish" who came to this country (the United States). The teacher has basically left it open ended, and this can actually be used, for a course (possibly). This is for a Bibliography- that I will be turning in. If anyone has any ideas of books, let me know. Most of what I am finding is about the Christians (Protestants) that came here. Hopefully, there is some Pagan stuff or stuff that is widely not known.


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Hi folks, I wanted to share a new blog- Helio Pires is now writing in Portuguese as well as English. He is a Roman polytheist with an interest in Iberian traditions, so thought it might be of interest to folks interested in Celtiberian stuff.
https://omoledro.wordpress.com/ Portuguese
https://goldentrail.wordpress.com/ English

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Hello, everyone! Thank you for letting me in!
How are you?

We made a Short Film inspired by the Celtic God Cernunnos. Here it is. I hope you enjoy it.

Blessed be! )O(


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Happy solstice! (or Yule in the Northern hemisphere, or Lithia in Southern.) In the ancient Latin/Italian/Roman calendar (before precession of the equinoxes, when solstice was on January 1st) and Druidic (not witch) Celtic calendar, it's also new year

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My time to administrate this community has decreased considerably and I apologize for the delay in releasing certain retained posts (as probable spam). This community emerged as a space for polytheists - in principle - more oriented to Reconstructionism and "Traditionalism", but obviously received several people from various orientations. So for not to repeat the slowness and "freezing" of the community, I believe that at least 2 moderators are needed.

Anyone interested in being a moderator, please express yourself in the comments.

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I am absolutely thrilled to be nominated for Best Pagan Solo Artist & Best Instrumental Performance in the Pagan Music Awards
On United Pagan Radio
The award show is tomorrow, please make sure you tune in and vote!
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