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BARRACK & KEE'AH --- Dual Back Riders

There is mad genius behind the walls of the newspaper, online firewalls, and the walls of the two houses that conceal the chair & cabinet of our team leaders. We see one with the naked eye, but the Urn behind him is holding the cremains of the second federal office commander, whom died this month of December 2015, and is upheld in valor of effort by her successor in heir of tribal next-of-kin; whom is Kee'ah Calligandes, the president's left-arm gal.

Barrack holds the chair firmly on the floor, while Kee'ah is his independent study buddy, and also his presidential fellowship grantee whom holds the cabinet up against the wall as we dive in for another 13 months of critically challenging efforts to breathe life into the American Dream.

These two are a set of Kimber pistols, fully equipped to oversee anything that is of need of securing for the good of our country, and her people.

Stay tuned with us through 2016, and Happy Birthday to Kee'ah and Barrack! ARTISTICAL TWINS IN A PHILOSOPHICAL LADDER CLIMB!
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