hi, is Ctrl-V working on Lollipop? I used to have a tasker profile that uses ctrl-v to input some text in but right now it's not working anymore (since Lollipop update)

Use your plugin to copy text not only paste:
Pienso que si se puede hacer seria estupendo si este plugin permitiera copiar automáticamente texto. Algo así como una acción seleccionar todo y copiar. Si además puedes conseguir que se pueda discriminar lo que quieres copiar (desde una palabra a otra o X líneas, o hasta el siguiente salto de línea...) seria la leche.
O sea tu plugin ahora un intent o como sea que consigues hacerlo para pegar, pues ahora que haga copiar.
Un saludo Julio. Tomate esto como una carta a los reyes... Jeje... Pero dirigida a ti.

Has there been any testing of Cntl-V with Tasker on Nexus 7 v2 running Android 4.4.2? I've had a working Tasker Script that no longer executes Cntl-V functionality after upgrading from Android 4.3 to Android 4.4.2.

First of all awesome app!
I was searching for such an app for quite a long time now!

Is it possible that Ctrl-V Keyboard aborts Tasker-Tasks when there is no text field to paste in even if I check "continue task after error"?

I realize that it doesn't switch back to Swype via "secure settings" when ther was no field to paste in.
It does so if I Disable Ctrl-V Keyboard in this particular task.
I THINK it did continue the task when I UNchecked "Perform IME action after typing". So might this plugin be hanging at this point when there is no field to paste?

Thanks in advance!

Version 1.0.1 is out. It fixes a bug were variables were not being replaced.
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