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Name: brandon

Age: unknown

Gender: male

Bio: secret

Job: assassin, soldier, scientist, medic, doctor, engineer, spy, and a detective

Species: human
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Scar's looks have changed A LOT PROFILE UPDATE
Name: Scar
age: 29,000 (in human 29)
gender: male
vamp king
likes: his friends (Moka and Death) and his sister Scarlet
dislikes: annoyance and that he has been raped twice 
powers: can open portals, healing, and strength 
weapons: scythe, sword and a pistol
bio: he keeps it a secret
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~Profile Update~
name: Scarlet Blades
Age: 20,000 (in vampire years)
gender: female
occupation: queen of a part of the vampire realm
likes: not telling
dislikes: annoyance
weapons: pistol/sword (weapon style from the anime RWBY)
bio: I keep it a secret
hair color: blue/black
height: 5'7
weight: 103.5 pounds 
abilities: healing, mind reading, and summoning 

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|Name: selo shinigami (nickname: queen)|

«sexuality: bisexual»

«relationships: none»

«height: about 5'9»

«weight: about 82 lb.»

«Age: 16»

«Gender: female»

«grade: 12»


°she's more of a 10 faced lier type person her personality changes depending on her mood who she's with where she's at and what circumstances°

°she's extremely mature for a 16 year old both physically and mentally°

°she's extremely intelligent and protective over what she considers her only family and if she  has a crush she has a tendency to get over protective and physical°

°if she tells a lie its almost impossible to know°

°she is extremely intelligent°

°she has a relatively short temper°

°she's rude sometimes°

°her scars are a really touchy subject so don't just point them out°


°she has long 8-11 foot long hair thats quite literally darker then black it looks like this --> (°

°She wears odd steam punk looking goggles that hide her eyes never taking them off, so nobody really knows what her eyes look like or what color they are°

°she wears a black leather crop top with Jean short shorts and long black gloves that cover all of her arms making her look like a badass°

°she normally has a blank emotionless expression on her face that makes people think she hates everyone°

her voice is monotone emotionless dull and simple yet elegant powerful beautiful and soothing, she has a slight British accent°

°she's covered in tattoos (aside from her face) and scars°


°she doesn't really have any if provoked she'll fight with hand to hand combat or some weapons but if the threat it to powerful she sort of blacks out and goes into a rage type mode and does anything to defeat them and she'll stay blacked out unless brought back to her senses or until the enemy is defeated and once she wakes up she doesn't remember anything, she has odd power glitches that she doesn't know how to control (example: sometimes if she sneezes she'll turn off gravity)°


°the quiet°

°The dark°





°flirtatious people °


°knowing the unknown or at least trying to, and protecting others°

°she has her odd little hobbies that she doesn't talk about the only way to know is if you catch her doing it she's not ashamed she just doesn't talk about it°


°annoying people°


°feeling defenceless°

°people that make fun of her "family"°

°people that cant keep their noses to themselves°

°she's also not a big fan of K9s she can tolerate them but its not preferred°

°what she hates the most is people that mock her about her disabilities even though its extremely hard to find out about them°



°people that think their better then others°

°people mocking her or making fun of her "disabilities"°


°none (personally) unless you count her tattoos °



°if she sees a person that's sad she will comfort and help any way she can°

°if she sees someone getting picked on she will defend them°

∆bad habits ∆

°she is a slight cutter°

°she also smokes°

°she's smart but to lazy to show it°

°if something's wrong she just acts like it's nothing°


°she doesn't really like talking about herself or her past so nobody really knows but when people ask she gets angry or just ignores them°
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