{|Name|} Vanessa Crochan She winks Also known as Essa.

{|Age|} 14~

{|Gender|} She raises her eyebrows Ask the person who is typing these bold captions.

{|Species/race|} I'm one of those lost Crochans.

{|Sexuality|} Straight.

{|Profession|} I have none. Azzy takes care of me.

{|Personality|} She is light and carefree- the light to Azriel's dark. However, they act like sisters. Even though she is a Crochan, some of Azriel's darker ways rubbed off her and she also picked up a lot of assassin training type stuff.

{|Appearance|} She has dark hair that falls just below her shoulders and large, green eyes. She looks childish, but could pass off as Azriel's sister. She usually wears what the children of Rifthold wears, only with darker shades and black boots. She wears her hair down.

{|Powers|} Immortality, spell casting, magic, heightened senses and quicker reflexes

~Thin, silver, knives.
~my magic- Crochan light magic

I grew up with my mother, who later was killed by Ironteeth witches hunting us down. I escaped into Rifthold and met Azriel. When it became clear that she had no intent to kill me, we started living together and she has been treating me as a sister ever since. Yay!

I've been really inactive, so who want's to RP?

I sit on a rooftop in Rifthold, my black clothes blending in with the dark, moonlit, night. I tense at every little sound in the sleeping house below my feet. The breeze flicks my crimson hair around, and I take a deep breath.
Come on Cassia. Just relax. You're going to give yourself aneurysm if you keep on treating yourself so shittily.
The houses around me remain quiet.


That's when I hear soft footsteps.

"You can't choose who you're born to, but you can choose which path to take."

"It's the details that counts."

"What's the point of life if there isn't change?"

"What am I afraid of? I'm afraid of fear. To fear is to be human. To be human is to be vulnerable. Fear get's you killed. Do you get how ironic this is?"

{|Name|} Azriel Blackbeak (AKA Azure) {She uses the last name Cavaliar as cover}

{|Age|} 16 and a half. Like, I'm not kidding. I have lived only for that long.

{|Gender|} Ever seen a male witch?

{|Species/race|} Blackbeak Witch.

{|Sexuality|} Straight.

{|Profession|} Assassin in Rifthold.

{|Personality|} She is cold at times, has a short temper, and can be carefree and charming at times. She is also sarcastic.

{|Appearance|} She has gold-flecked eyes prized among the Blackbeaks and long, dark hair. She has tanned skin, and usually wears a tad of makeup. She usually wears her hair up, in a braid or a bun. She wears a black suit when she is doing her job, but otherwise she wears dresses to blend in with the other ladies of Rifthold. She also wears a small, blood red pendant from her first kill.

{|Powers|} Typical Ironteeth witch powers- Iron teeth and claws, heightened senses, immortality.

~Dagger- an iron dagger named Fenrir with a red hilt
~Knife- a steel knife that is hidden up her sleeve.
~Her nails and teeth- she doesn't use them much in public. But they are still her weapons.

Azriel was born to a Blackbeak witch who died giving birth to her. Her mother's coven proceeded to take care of her for 6 years, then sent her to the Silent Assassins, and promptly forgot about her. She trained there until Ansel wreaked havoc there, slipping out later that night during the festivities. She traveled to Rifthold and went under the care of Arobynn. After he died, Azriel continued being an assassin. 

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Allo mates! Wish i could put a guy form a different universe and time in here! But i doubt that's allowed. If it is please let me know, i'd like to use my main OC. but if i can't, i'll modify my current profile to apply to the middle ages.

Hunter Dracon
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(now that my profile's been approved.)

(females are preferred unless your character is bi or gay.)

New world, new rules. New world, means new targets, A new world meant a few more tyrants to take out. Hunter's life goal was to make the world he currently resided in a better place. Most of the time he succeeds.

Hunter was a man of many attributes. He's caring and kind when it comes to people, but it doesn't show that often. It's usually hid behind a figurative mask of sorts. Since coming here, he noticed his senses were enhanced, and he already had some strange abilities, including a very powerful form of dark magic. But he had decided to ignore it for now. Right now he was exploring a city with a wall of glass that looked like a wave. And was just wandering when he saw you leaning against the wall of a building.

(forgot to mention the magic in the profile, but he won't use it as often as you'd think.)

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"Speed, maneuverability, and accuracy are key in a dogfight. If you miss your shot or slow down too much, you're dead. Turn too tight or not tight enough, you're dead."

"Sometimes the only solution for peace is war. But that's a rare occurrence."

"I only do what i believe is necessary. Nothing more."

"One shot can end one life, and save hundreds. It's up to you to take it."

Name: Hunter Dracon

Alias/Callsign: Strikewolf

Rank: Lieutenant Commander (United States Navy)

Faction: None

Age: 17 (or 27 it depends on the roleplay)

Gender: Male (Seems a little obvious doesn't it?)

Sexuality: Bisexual (but he's more straight than gay.)

Nationality: Australia

Skills: Very high combat training. He's also a blacksmith and makes his own blades and other weapons. He's an ace fighter pilot as well. He moves without a sound when not running, and when he's running his footsteps are barley noticeable in a silent hallway.

Weapons: twin hidden blades (Assassin's Creed III), He also has a plasma sniper rifle that uses for extreme long range, and a pair of heavy plasma pistols (All are of his own design and make. Plus his right hidden blade is part of the cybernetic forearm disguised as his a real arm. That means it was skin grafted over the cybernetic regions.) He uses twin foot long bladed combat knives that he keeps on his thighs, and a sword of his own design and make on his back. The materials of his blades can't be cut by a plasma sword.

PSR-27 Wraith Plasma Sniper Rifle: Will penetrate 5 centimeter's of concrete at point blank.. Max effective distance 2,700 meters. Mag size: 9 rounds. Recharge time, fifteen minutes( three turns.) Accuracy: Diversion over 100 meters, 3 cm. Caliber: 7.7 mm (.50 caliber.) Bullet speed: Mach 4.5.

NOS-39 Viper Heavy Plasma Pistol: Will penetrate 5 centimeters of concrete. Max effective distance: 140 meters. Mag size: Nine rounds. Recharge time, Five minutes (one turn). Accuracy: Diversion over 100 m: 9 cm. Caliber: 12.7 mm (.50 caliber).

Fears: Highly advanced tech being used against him. The Apple of Eden.

Weaknesses: His love for saving others. Helping out whenever he can, and other Ace fighter pilots and snipers.

Hobbies: Tinkering, Practicing with his weapons, Training, Listening to Music, Playing his electric guitar, and Flying fast.

Profession: Assassin, fighter pilot, and sniper. He does a lot of mercenary work, fighting, and weapons design on the side.

Personality: When you first meet him he seems friendly and shy, but as you get to know him better, more is revealed about the seemingly cheerful stallion. Under this facade is a cold and ruthless fighter who will do whatever it takes to win a fight and eliminate his opponents. He will fight and die for what he believes is right and and will do whatever it takes to maintain peace.

Clothing: Everything he wears is black, it helps him blend into the shadows. He wears a black Australian style hat, a leather trench coat over a ballistic vest that has a long sleeve shirt under it, jeans, and his footwear varies. He'll wear combat bots sometimes but usually wears sneakers. He also wears a bluetooth headset around his neck. The headset is in the pics.

Backstory: He's an orphan from Australia. With a knack for technology, he took designs of fighter planes and built the aircraft as well as designed his own weapons.
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i literally just started reading the books. haven't read 2 and five. CAUSE MAH SCHOOL LIBRARY DOESN'T HAVE EITHER OF EM! actually book two is just checked out BUT STILL!

When Aedion is low key officially bi

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when the community is super dead but you get a new book and read it in an hour

Can I have Manon Blackbeak as a character?
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