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EDIT: Places names and six souls link!
Welcome to Startale. This RP community has so much to offer, but let us get through with some things. First, the canon characters. (You can claim more than 1 character if you wish, but please leave some for others. Notify me if you wish to step down as a canon character)
(These are OCs i own or these people own)
(+Bent!StorySwapFellAzzy Dreemurr​​​​​)
(+Cole Mustapich​​​​​)
Popplio - Frisk
Gomamon - Chara
Matthew - Toriel
Curtis - Flowey
Nyphera (Dragon) - Asriel: +Asriel Dreemurr​​​
Marco - Undyne
Marxo - Undyne the Undying
Cole - Alphys: +Cole Mustapich​​​​​
Collin - Sans: Me
Edgy (Goat skeleton) - Papyrus
Edge - Asgore
Nova (robot dragon) - Mettaton: Me
Secret (idk... yet) - Mettaton EX
Nero - Muffet: Me

Rules here will be simple, just keep it like most RP communities i have made. Any character unclaimed, i will RP as until claimed. OC profiles will need to follow this template.

Dont skip anything unless it has (^) at the end
Species: (dont need to be a human to be a player here, but specify whether monster or fallen kid)
Family: ^
Route: (Pacafist, Nuetral, or Genocide?)
Weapon: (fallen kids)
Powers: (monster)
Bio: ^

Welp thats it for now, enjoy Startale everyone ^_^

Link to places names and the six souls

(For anyone wanting to battle this universe's Sans, aka Collin)
*So you finally caught up huh?
*I was kinda hoping you would get here soon, not because i want to die or anything
*But because i want to kill you, and i know...
*Every time you die, you just reset, your DETERMINATION is strong...
*But is it strong enough is the question.
*Let me ask you a question?
Do you want to have a *bad time?
*So take one more step, and see just what i can do...
You take a step forwards
Heh... this is why i dont make promises *Gomamon...
Battle entry plays

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Geo somehow wandered into True Stars
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Name: Geo
Gender: Male
Species: half human and half unknown (but he thinks he's just a human)
Family: all in his original universe
HP: 25
DEF: 40
ATK: 20 for unarmed 40 when he uses his Exe.Blade (yes that is the actual name of it I searched it on the internet)
Route: Neutral
Weapon: Exe.Blade
Powers: Increased Strength And Speed
Bio: a mute office worker in his Universe he got sucked through a portal into this one
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zooms thought Stardin seeing how fast I can go
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Hey guys, we got a little problem. We are missing some things here... first off, we need names for the places, and we are missing the 6 other souls... so yeah. Give us some help, and each place you can name or give us 6 soul characters, and each one you make, you get a shoutout in our next post. So here is the list we need filled. And hurry, before we come up with names!

~ Places ~

Ruins - Broken Stars by +Bent!StorySwapFellAzzy Dreemurr​​​​​​​​​​
Home - Space Station by +Asriel Dreemurr!!!​​​​
Snowdin - Stardin by +Bent!StorySwapFellAzzy Dreemurr​​​​​​​​​​​
Hotland - Heated Stars by +Bent!StorySwapFellAzzy Dreemurr​​​​​​​​
Core - Center of the Galaxy by +Bent!StorySwapFellAzzy Dreemurr​​​​​​​​
Waterfall - Fallen Stars by +Bent!StorySwapFellAzzy Dreemurr​​​​​
Asgore's Castle - Edge's Castle by Me
True Lab - True Stars by Me
Judgement Hall - Judgement in the Stars by +Bent!StorySwapFellAzzy Dreemurr​​​​​​​
Barrier - Disabled Portal by +Curtis Mustapich​​​​​​​
New Home - New Station by +Bent!StorySwapFellAzzy Dreemurr​​​
And any other place you can name that we missed

~ The 6 Souls ~

Soul 1: Soul of Intellegience (yellow) by +Curtis Mustapich​​​​​​​​​​
Soul 2: Soul of Caring (blue) by +Curtis Mustapich​​​​​​​​​​
Soul 3: Soul of Sacrifice (orange) by +Bent!StorySwapFellAzzy Dreemurr​​​​​​​​​
Soul 4: Soul of Purity (purple) by Me
Soul 5: Soul of Friendship (red) by +Asriel Dreemurr​​
Soul 6: Soul of Balance (green) by +Curtis Mustapich

Welp, this is the end of the list, be sure to help us out please
Reposts will be done if this gets very low... somehow
Also, be sure to invite others here, so this community can be seen more easily

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(Open Rp)
Geo was walking through Stardin
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(Open RP)

Clayton appeared in Stardin

Name: solar sans
Age: 27
Gender: girl
Species: skeleton
Family: ^
HP: 15
Route: idk
Powers: comical retribution, cloud, gaster blasters healing: telikenisis, bones, blue attack
Bio: ^

(Open RP)

SSF stood in front of Cole's lab...they knocked on the lab door
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