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A little reflection on myself as a blogger, and the role of the writer
Little bit different this time. It's on my perspective as a blogger

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The saying goes "Real men wear pink." but really your manhood is not defined by the color of clothes you wear - which is what I think this phrase is trying to say.

However, I want to say that your manhood is defined by the way in which you act - being "Mr. Nice Guy" is not manhood. To be a man means to stand for what is right, defend the defenseless, be honorable, and help those in need; in short it's living your life according to a set of moral guidelines by which you keep yourself in check.

#manhood #guidelines #moralcode #codeofconduct #realmen #standstrong

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Hello, my name is Ian Wilson.

I am a single young man (almost 20) who is seeking to understand what it means to be a real man and I appreciate any guidance I can get in that area. At many times it is hard and feels like it truly is a lost art, but I'm willing to fight for to bring it back.

I love reading books loaded with good content and information about business, entrepreneurship and manhood - hanging out with friends and being outdoors.

I run small blog with a close friend in regard to this topic and would love for you guys to check it out! +Fighting the Good Fight

I look forward to learning much, having great conversation and making connections! #introduction 

We all have dreams and things we'd love to do but as we "grow up" we tend to get too practical and many of these dreams, hopes, and desires are crushed - by us - and we are forced into being "made to order."

What are some tips you guys may have on the idea of having dreams ... But still being practical about it?
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