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Christian Teen Fantasy - The invasion of Hafren has begun. Here is the link to the book's website page for the Christian teen fantasy entitled Hafren: A Fantasy for the Young at Heart:

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Good morning! I see you are accepting manuscripts for Young adults. Do you have a deadline? Thank you for your services!!!!

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Only chance to get it free Tues - Sat July 11-15 on Amazon Kindle.

Author’s Foreword

The Steller Sea Lion is currently on the Endangered Species list for one of two populations; Eastern and Western (see Natural History at the end of the story for more info). Both populations had been on the list. However, the Western group is currently considered endangered, while the Eastern population has made somewhat of a recovery, enough to move up to "threatened" status. In the early 1970's, I worked with a member of this species before it was on the list. Steller sea lions kept in captivity, by my estimation, should be limited to rescued animals. These are magnificent creatures, as are many other species of animals, and as such should be afforded the dignity and care that we as humans can provide. Once you read the story of my experiences, I think you will see why I feel this way.
John Benjamin Sciarra

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Just released. "Samson the Steller Sea Lion, True Animal Stories, Book 1". 20% of sales benefits the Mystic Aquarium Marine Mammal Rescue Programs. Available on Kindle NOW. Paperback in a few days. Full color photos.

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Here's another excerpt from my soon-to-be-released Book, "Samson The Steller Sea Lion-True Animal Stories, Book 1". In the meantime, read the novel based on Samson called "Beachmaster"!


Sometimes it was the parents who concerned us. Seriously, what parent would hang their child over the enclosure of a dangerous animal? Okay, the Crocodile Hunter aside, we continually worried about the parents that placed their children on the wall to get a better look. Samson had the ability to leap above the glass and railing enclosing the exhibit. Then the unbelievable happened.

One morning I made my way out to Seal Island early for my rounds. I made sure that everything was functioning normally, the animals were all okay, and the exhibits were ready for viewing. It was a beautiful cool, crisp, clear day. I had my coffee, and I enjoyed this time alone with the animals away from the screaming crowds. Really, people, do you have any idea how silly you look and sound making seal and sea lion noises?

I casually strolled around the corner past the California Coast exhibit to the Pribilofs. There was a small concrete section of wall between two large, monolithic rocks where the visitors could get an unusual view of the exhibit. You could see behind some the boulders and up the tunnel, and there was an area the animals could get out and explore.

As I came around the corner, Samson was sitting on top of the wall of the exhibit. It was so surrealistic; at first, I didn't comprehend what I saw.

I said, “Good morning, Sam!” I kept walking for a few steps. Then it hit me. I turned with a look of complete horror on my face, and there was Samson with a look on his face like I just caught him in the cookie jar!

Now you know where I got the idea for "Beachmaster" about a Steller sea lion that escapes!
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Review of Noah's Diary: "Mr. John Sciarra is a fantastic storyteller with great humor. This book is about adventure, history, fiction, crime and love. I could not put it down when I started to read it and finished it in one day! Strongly recommended."
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