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The Importance of Hydroponic Technology

Nowadays we see that human population has increased massively, while the food plantation are getting fewer. We need more food to produce but we have less space to plant. This situation makes us to think on how to create an alternative way of food production in a limited space. And Hydroponic is one of the solution that we can develop.
Below is one of Hydroponic system in Singapore. They use multiple stage for planting the vegetables in limited space.

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Hydroponic Media

In order to support the plant, we need a media to grow the plant. As I mention before, there are several type of media. The most common one is Rockwool, it was made from volcanic stone that has been through a very high heating process (up to 1000 degC) until it create a fiber. Rockwool is one of the best material for hydroponic media, it can hold a high amount of water.
However you need to make sure that the Rockwool that you use is the one which is special made for plantation, since there are several type of RW for home and industry. Most of the media that I use for planting here is RW, you can search benefit and dis benefit of other media from search engine.

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Now let's take an action!

Start Planting! Get a piece of Rockwool (RW), usually the size of a slab is 100cmx15cmx7.5cm. Cut the size of RW into 2.5cmx2.5cmx2.5cm, create a hole in the center of RW with 0.5cm deep to put the seed.
Water the RW until it humid enough & start to put the seed.
So, how many seed to put on this RW? You need to imagine of how big is the crop will be. If it big enough, you need to put only one seed on each peace RW cutting.
See picture below

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Hydroponic Nutrient

In previous post I've inform that one of requirement to start Hydroponic we need a hydroponic nutrient.
So what is this nutrient for?
If we plant vegetables in soil, sometimes we don't care what is the nutrient that vegetable needs to grow. Because the soil already provide those mineral. However if we want to plant vegetable in water, means we have to make sure that plant has all mineral that it needs to grow in water just like in soil.
So, what are this mineral? Plant needs Carbon (C), Hydrogen (H), Oxygen (O), Nitrogen (N), Phosporus (P), Kalium (P), Calsium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), Manganese (Mn) and many other trace elements. Hydroponic Nutrient has passed a long process of research that the composition is suitable for the plant growth. It also make sure that plant will have a complete vitamins as well as if we plant it in the soil. You need to make sure that you are buying a correct Hydroponic Nutrient to get a satisfactory crops.

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History of Hydroponic

Hydroponic word came from the greek language, Hydro = water and Ponos = work. If we took the whole meaning become "The water work".
Hydroponic believed has been started since Aztec time in 15th century, name tenochtitlan. Then professor from California University W.F Gericke has succed to plant a 3m height tomatoes using watercultur. Then Japan started to produce massive hydroponic plantation.

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How to Start Hydroponic?

Planting using Hydroponic has a lot of benefit. It doesn't need huge space to plant, it doesn't need extra effort to dig the soil & watering it. The system can be done automatically.
So how to start Hydroponic?
First of all, we need to know what is required for planting
- Hydroponic Nutrient
- Seed
- Planting Media (Rockwool, Sand, Hydroton, Perlite, Cocopeat, Foam)
- PH & TDSEC meter
- System  (Static, Dynamic)
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