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As some people have complained about not being able to see the community info, a list of important links was in order...
And can you actually read the rules before asking about canon characters? I'm getting sick of it.

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ALL RIGHT.....AOT new ep was released.Full HD so I would like to share to everyone here😋😋😋😋For who havent watch can watch at here👇👇👇👇👇damn nice man😍😍😍

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Name: Nightshade Fury

Gender: female

Age: 17

Weapons: 2 katanas strapped to back, dagger strapped to thigh

Skills: excellent fighter

Crush: Levi

Single: yes

Hair color: black and red

Eye color: red

Bio: her biological parents died when she was 2. she doesnt remember them and Commander Pixis took her in and raised her.

((when in civilian clothes she looks like pic))

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this is my oc lily ann xavier.))

lily stands at the edge of the wall looking down at the ground. "so high up..." she murmurs softly. she hears footsteps behind her and turns. "hello..." she says quietly.

((this is an open rp. anyone can join))

can some one help me make on good plz

who wants to do an attack on titan rp it can be on here or discord and kik?

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Quote: I lost my dreams in this disaster...

Name: Yuno Tamagotchi

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Crush: None (yet)

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 120 lbs

Personality: Shy at first, but is sorta argumentative and sassy once you get to know her. She's a good friend and cares for people.

Skills: Hand-To-Hand Combat

Solo: 7

Birthday: January 21st

Appearance: Has long black hair with ocean blue eyes.

Affiliation: Survey Corps

Family: None

Story: Lived around in the inner part of Wall Maria, and had been transported to join the Scouting Legion.

Species: Human/Titan

Side: Says she's on humanity's side, but she's actually a Titan Shifter.
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//Character Profile Outline//

"All that time approving and upgrading my abilities is worthwhile killing these bastards" Stater Quote of battle

"Let me get this straight. So you're telling me I am a rolemodel for some snotty brats who no less of the world outside? _Scoffs__ they can't last, they just couldn't. Exclaiming as if they could kill Titans through pure rage, yet when it's their time to go they'll be tampering around like a child on it's tantrum."_ - Shuno explaining his thoughts upon new Survey Scouts

"You think you have problems? I have the world's weight on my shoulders, and being the General Elite of the most over-populated guild in the military isn't easy... _At all__."_

Shuno Liz - Liz would be his last name as Shuno descended from a unknown bloodline in which he had been born as a Liz. Making him an Eldian.

23 (If he is allowed to become an elite)
17 (if he has too start off as a recruit)

Human, obviously




Survey Corps


Picture below

Statistics: (Each stat is out of 10.)
Battle Skill: 7
Initiative: 5
Wits: 8
Teamwork: 10
Leadership: 11

However out of daily bases from Titan Killing, which, he is necessarily serious all the time. He can be laid back and sometimes rather bored when it comes to doing nothing. The absolute mind of the young dying at such a young age gives Shuno a scrawl towards his every being, top to bottom. Even in a disturbance in the mind itself. It was sickening how children throw themselves out in the bridge just to get killed on the spot.

Shuno was born on March Eleventh, around the age of where the Colossal Titan usually had appeared and kicked down the walls of Maria. There wasn't much to say about Shuno's past. But, it was confirmed that many things had happened and there was mild events that portrayed. Though, it was as important.

Shuno grew up with his mother. Though clearly he didn't had a father due to him dying in military work. He vouched to follow the same path his father flew, only this time his mother worried for him the same way he worried for his father. As time flew by, he then became a candidate to join the Trainee Corps.

Some say his time in training and how he displayed his actions was without a doubt extraordinary and he was then invited to join the Survey Corps. He shot through the ranks until he became a Lance Corporal. Which was at least closer to being a actual Corporal. A year passed by as Shuno then became a served Veteran in the SC.

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