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"Don't call me a coward just because I work inside the walls to protect my family."

Adell Krabbe





5 ft. & 8 in.

143 lbs.

Military Police


(See below)

Mother: Anette Krabbe
Father: Alan Krabbe (Deceased)
Sister: Lillian Krabbe
Brother: N/A

Love Interest: N/A
Girlfriend: N/A

Battle Skill: 6
Initiative: 9
Wits: 10
Teamwork: 7

Bodyguard Work
Personal Protection

Adell is a very obedient and respectful young man. He spends his free time preparing for his next assignment. Adell is usually pretty talkative among friends, but will refuse to budge or engage in unnecessary conversation during a job. His anger is easy to trigger if someone mentions his dead father. He does possess a deep hatred for Titans, but refuses to take them on himself.

The boy named Adell comes from a little house. He was raised along with his sister Lillian by his mother Anette and his father Alan. When Titans first broke through the outer wall, Alan sacrificed himself to give Adell, Anette, and Lillian a bit of extra time to escape toward the inner walls. His screams echoed among the rest as his family ran to find refuge.
Adell, as a trainee, graduated as #7 in his class. He was presented the opportunity to apply for Military Police; which was his goal since he moved inside wall Rose. Graciously accepting this honorable chance, he applied and was successfully accepted as a Military Police Recruit. He was able to transfer him and his family inside Wall Sina, where they would be the most protected from a Titan invasion.
Now that Adell had given his mother and sister a safe and higher-class place to live, he continues to work hard every day with endless bodyguard and escort work, all to guarantee his family will stay safe from the clutches of the Titans.
In the few rare hours of the day where he isn't completing work or checking up on his family at home, he can be found practicing with his musket or generally just applying for hired bodyguard work.

(Haha kill me.)

Kane was resting on top of a some what high building. His face had a little bit of blood on it. "He's fucking gone....." Kane said sadly. "W-Why?" He sobbed.

Katy sits alone in one of the break rooms, her eyes scanning over the letters in a large book she is holding. She seems completely relaxed unlike usual and there's even a slight smile spread across her face.

(Open rp)

Already approved

"If you don't fight, you don't survive. It's the way of life."
Name: Katy Jones
Alias: none yet
Age: 19
Species: human
Gender: female
Height: 5"10'
Weight: 120 pounds
Group: Survey Corps
Occupation: elite
Appearance: short brown hair, tall, thin, very muscular, green eyes.
Relationships: sister is Ash
Statistics: (Each stat is out of 10.)
Battle Skill: 9
Initiative: 10
Wits: 10
Teamwork: 5
Personality: Katy is very daring and brave for a girl her age. She's extremely talented and very motivated. She doesn't hang out with many people but when she does she's considered a "cool girl" due to her talents. Though she doesn't really show it she's depressed over the loss of her family. Though she is dying quietly inside she'll fight the Titans until they kill her no matter how old she is. She's a completely rebel and always speaks out when something doesn't seem right.
Biography: Katy was always a rebellious child. She hated playing it safe and didn't follow many rules. Her parents were often her worst enemies. Throughout it all she had her younger sister Ash. Though Ash is her complete opposite the two couldn't have been closer. When they were still young (about 11) their parents, aunts and uncles where all killed by Titans. Though it didn't seem like it Katy took it hard, but she had to cover her pain for the sake of her sister. After a while she left her sister with a trusted friend and started training to join the Survey Corps. She quickly rose to the top of the class and went on to fulfill her dream. Though she already reached her goal of being in the survey corps she grew higher even from there. Soon she became an elite. Though she has much to do she still finds time to help her little sister train.

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[Character Profile Outline:] [First Profile]
"F you in the A, and have a nice day."
"Well that's definitely not good..."
Name: Mark Fischbach
Alias: Markiplier
Age: 27
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 5,10
Weight: 165 lbs
Affiliation: Survey Corps
Occupation: Part of the Survey Corps.
Appearance: Picture, just with the outfit.
Relationships: Currently dating Jack.
Statistics: Mark will act on impulse half the time.
Battle Skill: 7/10
Initiative: 7/10
Wits: 7/10
Teamwork: 9/10
Biography: At the age of 10, Mark got the bad news that his father, who was part of The Survey Corps, had gotten eaten by a titan. Under the extreme circumstances, Marks mother committed suicide, leaving him with nobody. Luckily, his friend Jack and his parents allowed Mark to live with them. When the Titans attacked again a few years later, and killed those parents, Mark and Jack vowed to fight against the titans. They are now both part of The Survey Corps.

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[Character Profile Outline:] [Second Profile]
"What the hell are you doing?! We need a plan!"
"It's because I'm Irish isn't it?"
Name: Séan (Jack) William McLoughlin
Alias: Jack, JackSepticEye
Age: 26
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 5,9
Weight: 120
Affiliation: Survey Corps
Occupation: Survey Corps
Appearance: Picture, just with the outfit
Relationships: Taken, currently dating Mark.
Statistics: Usually to take advantage of the target while it's distracted, then to attack.
Battle Skill: 8/10
Initiative: 8/10
Wits: 8/10
Teamwork: 9/10
Biography: Jack lived a mostly normal life, always playing with his best friend Mark, until he found out that Marks parents had both died. Him and his family were both more than happy to take him in, and they did so. However, a few years later, the titans had attacked, and killed Jack's parents. The two vowed to fight against the titans.

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[Character Profile Outline:]
"I am the Hunter."

Name: Matthew

Alias: The Hunter

Age: 18

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Affiliation: Survey Corps

Occupation: Private

Appearance: See photo below. I couldn't find a Warrior's Wolf Tail on the Hairstyles, and yes, he will possess the Wings of Freedom on his uniform.

*Relationships: None, as he prefers to stick to the mission.


Battle Skill: 9

Initiative: 10

Wits: 8

Teamwork: 0

Weapon Mastery: 9

Theme Song: Crimson Bow and Arrow, English Cover by AmaLee and Chorus

Personality: Ever since his past, he's been a real hard case. He refuses any means of teamwork, however, he believes he must stick to the mission at all costs. But even though he refuses to admit it, he has somewhat of a soft side.

Biography: He doesn't wish to talk about his past, since it's too traumatic. He joined the military, hoping to forget about that past. During his time as a recruit, he practiced every form of weaponry, from swords to bow guns. He still uses bow guns for ranged combat now, however, the sword remains his main weapon.

Kane and his squad were on a tall building surronded by titans. Kane looked down at the titans below. We are so toast.

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Tatiana Zoé





Socioeconomic Level as a child
She was always outgoing and fun. Not crazy. She felt at points she was a little bossy.

Socioeconomic Level as an adult (Teen)
She still is outgoing but in a gentle way. She’s more of a motherly figure rather than a mentor. She coddles the innocent.

Wall Rose

Current Residence
Wall Rose

Scout Regiment soldier


She is smart much like her sister. Art and writing as well. She keeps many journals. Also she has a skill for making nicknames for…. EVERYONE

Relationship skills
Great! She makes friends easily.




Eye Color

Hair Color

Glasses or contact lenses

Skin color
Average and rosy

Shape of Face

Distinguishing features
Scar under left eye because of an accident during an experiment with her older sister.

How does he/she dress
In uniform

Healthy and fit

Art and writing

Favorite Sayings
“Hey sweetie!”
“Your so cute! I could just eat you up.”

Greatest flaw

Best quality
She’s gentle and soft spoken.

Any Mental Illnesses

How does Character see himself/herself
As just a normal human

How does Character believe he/she is perceived by others
Just another human

How self-confident is the character
A little too much

Introvert or Extrovert

How does the character deal with anger
“I… I need to kill something.”

With sadness
She clings to people and tries to explain it. It does bog her down for a few days.

With conflict
Head on without fear. She loves a good fight.

With change
Every day is different.

With loss
She shuts herself away and lets his emotions control him

What does the character want out of life
A good time and to help humanity.

What would the character like to change in his/her life
The life she was born into.

What motivates this character
Her sister and leaders

What frightens this character

What makes this character happy
Close friends, and music

Is the character judgmental of others

Is the character generous or stingy

Is the character generally polite or rude

Does the character believe in God?
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