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Simply Gorgeous Chiming Tree of Life Necklace featuring a Harmony Ball pendant with a beautiful 'Tree of Life' design forming the 925 Sterling Silver ornate hinged cage and with a White Chime Ball producing a lovely subtle chiming sound with movement
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These Message Pendants are ideal for inserting images or memories of your baby - something you can wear any time, anywhere, long after your child is born
Unique 'Message Pendant Necklaces' here at are a wonderful #MothersDayGiftIdea from Mother's Day Australia. Beautiful Artisan hand crafted Sterling Silver pendants featuring genuine Gemstones into which you can place a personal message to Mum using the scroll included - either a personal message of love, or a poem or even a photo. Grandchildren can write a message to their Grandmother or even do a small drawing.
Such a Special and 'Unique' Mothers Day Gift

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If you want to have a child and each test of pregnancy tells you that you should still wait for this, then you need to resort to tricks to get pregnant fast.
These tricks are very simple since they try to take into account some things that maybe until now you were ignoring and overlooking, but that will greatly favor a pregnancy faster. What to Know Before You Begin here are 3 easy, effective & fast Tips for Getting Pregnant Fast?

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Watching for changes in your cervix position can also indicate ovulation or a lack of it.

Cervix Position

Depending on the time of the month, your cervix may feel firm and dry, easy to reach, and closed. Closer to ovulation, it will become softer, wetter, and harder to reach as it pulls further up into the uterus.

It will now feel open to the touch, allowing the sperm to make their way through. When it is softest and hardest to reach, you are ovulating.

3 Steps to Checking your cervix Position

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The easiest way to check your cervical mucus is when you go to the bathroom.
But, make sure to use your finger and not the rest room paper,
Which will absorb some of the moisture.
It is also most important to check the mouth of the vagina, not the walls (Since they are continuously moist).
If you are finding it difficult to tell the difference between cervical mucus and other vaginal secretions, try this simple test.
Dip a sample of the discharge into some water. If it forms a blob and sinks, it is cervical mucus, If it dissolves, it is other fluid.


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Wonderful article about the Benefits of Wearing a Harmony Ball Necklace During and After Pregnancy here at
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