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Come and Join us, and please share our event

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Although I am quite happy to hear from all Sign Language Users (Deaf, Hearing, Interpreters, CSW, CODAs) from any part of the world on the topic I am presenting, I would like to hear in special from all the British Sign Language Users in the UK and specialy in Scotland.

After some years away from an active Sign Language and Deaf Community participation, I find myself back to my first love (well, same love with different lover - my first lover LGP, my lover now is BSL).

As usual with any living language, British Sign Language has its own growth, derivations, dialects and regionalisms. What I am trying to get to grips with now.

I am attending a NVQ Level 6 British Sign Language and my objective is to get back into Sign Language Interpreting and specialise in Religious Sign Language Interpreting.

And here is where I am asking for help to as many British Sign Language Users, specially Deaf people and BSL/English Interpreters.

As British Sign Language has its dialects and regionalisms I am sure that British Sign Language has as well specific Signs in each religious denominations, since each religious denominations have their own vocabulary with it's meanings.

Is with these different religious denominations British Sign Language vocabularies and meanings that I am requesting your help.

Doesn't matter if is English, Scottish, Welsh or Irish, any resources where I can learn from, compare and share I will be quite happy.

Please share with your connections and let's get as many resources possible.

Now, if you are from any other Country and would like to share your resources please do so but please make sure to indicate the Country.

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Hello Sign TV, we wanted to share great news! Deaf Entrepreneur Simeon is the first Deaf sign language user to campaign as MP for Greenpeace! Read more below

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