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Conference on Data Science and Functional Programming in London on March 14th
Are you interested in exploring the challenges and opportunities of Functional Programming in Data Science?
Keen to learn how to put functional concepts in the database, or how to develop effective parallel programs using advanced refactoring technology? Would you like to explore how to blend a domain-specific language into a host language and how to achieve language integrated query?

Then join us at #fpX, the Functional Programming eXchange, to explore cross functional solutions to interesting challenges in Data Science and #Functional Programming!

Scala, Clojure, Lisp, Haskell, Ocaml, Erlang, F#... whatever your discipline, if you are keen to discover innovative approaches and practical solutions in functional programming to address interesting challenges in data science, this conference is for you!

Rather than focusing on the merits of one language above another, we'll join up forces to explore cross platform approaches during a full day of learning, brainstorming, and coding with 100+ functional programmers and data scientists.

We are very proud to open the conference with a keynote by Philip Wadler this year, who will explore a practical theory of language-integrated query based on quotation and normalisation of quoted terms.

Other talks:
- ParaForming: Forming parallel functional  programs using refactoring, by Kevin Hammond
- Build your own liSP great justice, by Bodil stokke
- Data Science using functional programming by Amanda Laucher
- Teaching an old dog new tricks: wrapping an imperative API in a Functional one, by Chris Marshall
- Railway Oriented Programming, by Scott Wlaschin
- My other operating system is a Mirage by Anil Madhavapeddy
- Quickchecking Riak, by John Hughes

what*:The Functional Programming eXchange 2014
when: March 14th 2014
where: The Skills Matter eXchange in London

Find more information on the confernce program, speakers and tickets here:

#datascience #data #functional-programming #paraforming #Scala #Clojure #Lisp #Haskell #Ocaml #Erlang #Fsharp #parallel-processing #riak #quickcheck #mirage #concurrency #bigdata #sql

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In the spirit of the NYC Haskell Users' Group you guys have created, I've set up the Chicago group. Stop by if you're interested.

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Videos for the two talks at our last meetup are up now.

Building a Link Shortener with Haskell (and Snap) by Ryan Trinkle

Coding and Reasoning with Purity, Strong Types and Monads by Doug Beardsley

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Don't forget about our meetup next Tuesday.

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The video of our December meetup is up now.  Enjoy.

Isn't it time for a NYC hackaton?. Always searching for reasons to visit the city. :)

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Video of the two talks at the first NYC Haskell User's Group meetup.
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