Hello friends, I'm Keilla and I'm from Brazil. I need to improve my English and I would like to know news people who can help me. 

Hello eveyone,my name is Langsky and come from China. I want to learn English with friends around the world. I like technology, history and sport. Would you like to know more about me? Let's talk 😃😃😃

Hi, English learners and teachers!
Thanks for letting me join. I'm looking forward to sharing the wonderful English language with you all ;)
Have a great day :)

Here l go!!!

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Hi, my name is Kristina. I am from Ukraine. I am looking for people, 1, 2 or a few persons who would like to join me in practicing English speaking skills using chat, precisely Google Hagouts. It i s very convenient way since we all have gmail. We could establish suitable time, choose topics, etc.
I have finished university and Phd studies on linguistics. My level of English is intermediate. I am from Ukraine, please, take into account that it is +2 hrs time zone here.
All who would like to start practicing English please write your responses below, in comments. Tnks


Thanks for accepted ..
Nice to meet u all here,, hopefully i can learn english more and more from this community :)
Thanks alot 😙😙😙

Nice to meet you!
Thank you for approval. I am a university student in Japan. I want to speak English fluently 😁
Thank you 😀

Hello, everyone, I am a chinese boy. my name is yeyun, I am learning english recently, I want to making more friends. Do you want know me ? nice to meet you.....

i am a new here
thanks for approval

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I'm saman, 36, from Iran
I'm Ms student of Intensine Care Nursing.
I need to improve my English specially speaking skill, to continue my study.
I'm looking for someone to have voice chat with me on Skype,telegram, hangouts.
My favorite subjects to talk to is policy, scientific , religion, cultures, languages,foods, medical fields and ....
I prefer talking to older ppl( above 30 years) and talk to men .

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