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Guess the song and band

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life is hard like always but going throw it with out my self and plz i care for, i'm alone but i dont care anymore

Hey everyone it's been so long tell how u all beenšŸ˜‹

hi everyone its been like forever since i posted somethingĀ 
well here we go soon my middle school years are gone then a new year of highschool cant waitĀ 

you cant let people walk all over you all last time some one tryed to walk all over me they got hurt by meĀ 

stand up for your self

For Ever Dead,But Alway's Be With You
Ā  -chris

its been along time has it well i hurt my arm badly hard doing this i hUrt it in football RB for life scored 45 points my best in one game -hell ya

hey everyone m rap name is for now on is Blitz but i spell it BlittzĀ 
tell me if you like it or no
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