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which is better - Ideapaint on a board or a plastic laminated sheet ? #TXTNLRN_asks #earthday #ntchat #edchat #ptchat #satchat

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Showing results for teaching and learning through text messages

When you started to #blog ,you started out with +WordPress and then decided to move to or Googleplus or Google community ? #txtnlrn_asks

Any questions so far?

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Were you able to determine the #OS that would work for you?

Now that you have narrowed down your options are you ready to buy? I would say please wait. There are few more  steps you need to do. ....

Start researching the type of computers or tablets available in your budget.

Are you going to be traveling a lot ? #txtnlrn_asks  

Or would you like to #Learn a new #OS ?
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