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You know I know it's been awhile but since +Alyssa Mireles​ has offically retired from voice actor I feel like making another episode on youtube like old time if I wanna feature her one final time before she leaves then I might if not then I'll add +Brittany Sanders​ as tails

I'll let everyone vote for episode suggestions
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The fight
Tails PTSD
Tails sick day (need to remake it)
Tails fear of lighting
Or maybe a luigi and tails song cover

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Big update regarding to the luigi & tails fangame

I decided to hold off a contest

I want you guys to make an artwork for the title screen for the game

The best one gets early access to the demo of the game and will be used for the game

# rules

1. It has to be digital

2. No innapropreate stuff

3. Mario & luigi and tails are required you can add sonic if you like

4. No o.cs

5. Contest ends on July 15th 2017

6. You can submit it to DA or you can send it to me on Gmail I will give you the Gmail link to a private hangout or Skype chat

And that's it happy drawing I can't wait to see them

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i wanna do the luigi and tails stream this weekend but

+Alyssa Mireles

+David McInerney are always busy

I might be able to get the season finale done this weekend

+David McInerney​ is gonna send me his this weekend

And +Darian Schofield​ will send hers at some point

And +GeneAnne Cook​ will send her lines at some point too

And I am also thinking of having +soniclaurel 23​ be narration this time besides I want her to be able to get a chance to voice in my vids or podcast for the first time

Sneak peek for a future luigi and tails podcast project

Bowser:*growls* I HATE THOSE MARIO BROS SO MUCH I KEEPS KIDNAPPING PEACH AND IT ALWAYS FAILS.....wait...what if I kidnap tails instead but if I use a disguise he won't know what hit him ITS DISGUISE TIME
I'm the master of disguise.
I can vanish from your eyes.
I can be in different places,
With my many funny faces,
In disguise.
Sometimes it's so nifty,
When I'm really really shifty,
In disguise.

It's disguise time!

It's so easy to deceive you,
With my sneaky little tricks.
And to make you believe,
Each character that I pick, hey!

When you look for me
I'm gone, in front of your eyes,
People call me
The master of disguise!

I'm as sneaky as can be.
No one's sneakier than me.
I can get so sly and loathing,
When I dress in other clothing,
In disguise...

You'll walk right by me,
Not knowing that I'm slimy.

A scary dinosaur,
With a loud ferocious roar.
I'm so glad, I'm so tricky,
Even so Saint Nick-y.

When you look for me,
I'm gone, in front of your eyes.
People call me
The master of disguise!

Hahaha! I'm the Master of Disguise!

Bowser:This is perfect now I just need to exacute the plan
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