Jennifer is leaning against a tree drawing for free period while singing

Jennifer: soft, soothing voice Cover my eyes, cover my ears~ Tell me these words are a lie~ It can't be true, that I'm losing youuuu~ The sun cannot fall from the sky~ Can you hear heaven cry, Tears of an angeeeel~ Tears of an annnnngeeeel, Tears of an angeeeel~

at lunch Jennifer was sitting alone with black dragon cub with a pink lightning bolt pattern. Jennifer's eyes are a milky white color

+Milani The Rito Postgirl​

Jennifer was walking through the halls looking for the reading room.....mainly because Fell stole her schedule

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Name: Basilisk (Human form in first two pics)

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Species of Monster: Shapeshifting Dragon

Personality: Somewhat stubborn, but is very good at fighting. Basilisk has a bit of a temper.

Likes: Sweets, flying, fighting (training only), turing into her dragon form, using her magic, Ink Sans

Dislikes: Spiders, being alone in the dark, complete silence, Lust Sans (too...let's just say, perverted for her tastes), fighting (for real), having put a lot of pressure on her

Weapon of choice: Basilisk has her lucky scythe she likes to call Moonbreaker (name unnofficial), she also uses reptilian scales and has defense magic, but the defense magic is weak.
ATK: 50
DEF: 25 (remember, weak defence magic)
HP: 150

Strengths: Basilisk is quick and agile, escpecially with her scythe. She can easily dodge some magic as long as Basilisk has the pattern down. Basilisk, being a dragon, has nightvision as well. She can also summon scales to her advantige, since the scales are small, but are as sharp as arrows.

Weaknesses: Being taunted by other monsters makes Basilisk lose her temper, making her blind (metaphor) and start charging at her enemy and blindly attack her opponents. Basilisk hates being attacked by random patterns, so she can't get to track the patterns down if they are at random. Basilisk has a habit of using more claw, and less pad when it comes to having her dragon legs in her human form, so smooth surfaces make her slip. Sometimes her scythe slows her down in mid-battle or mid-training. Basilisk also only has one form of dragon to turn into, which is a Rainwing. (If you don't know what a Rainwing is, I suggest you either read the Wings of Fire series or look it up on google)

Bio: Basilisk lives in Snowdin (or Hotland, considering shes, well...a reptile...hmmmm.) and usually trains out in the forest by herself. She makes this training a secret for herself. (But Basilisk has a bit of a running mouth when it comes to takking with her friends.) She met Jennifer (+Jennifer Cipher​) in art class, while sketching something out for a project. After art class, Basilisk got to know Jennifer for a while and soon became friends. Basilisk told Jennifer about her forest training, in exchange for getting to know some of the students and teachers of the school. Basilisk only came to the school in March, so she is a bit late. Basilisk is also crushing a bit on Ink Sans. Since Basilisk trains in the snowy parts of Snowdin, and not so much as the icy parts, she is more used to doing more claw, and less pad on her feet. (or talons...I don't know XD)

School Schedule:
-P.E (Coach Sans)
-Language Arts (Outertale Toriel)
-Art (Not sure who would teach art, tbh...)
-Math (Papyrus)
-Swimming (Coach Undyne [because shes a fish?...I'll shut up now...])
-Social Studies (Asgore)
-Magic/Fighting Training (Coach Sans as well...?)

(NOTE: I don't know which teacher belongs to who! I know that Sans goes to the Gym! Other than that, I do not know!)
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Ok, message to one of the mods/owners! I need you to get rid of the Mira and Shireem section and replace it with Basilisk please! I'm probably not gonna use Mira or Shireem anymore. Just so you know!

I'm in the gym taking role when I realize someone is missing hmmmmmm...I walk to the supply closet and stay there for 20 minutes.

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There i was lazy to put teachers so i pick people

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Who want to be a Teacher
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I'm just gonna put a profile here cos there isn't a Flowerfell thingiemabob yet 😹

"Sometimes kindness is all we can give; Sometimes kindness is enough..."

"Set them free, Sans, I'm so sorry..."

Is here and has still not read Overgrowth


Name: Flowerfell! Frisk

Gender: female

Age: 15

Crush: Flowerfell/Underfell Sans ((They are practically the same person so...))

Personality: Kind, friendly, emotional, sensitive.


Height: 5'0'

Weight: 90lbs

Hair: Short, brown hair with flowers peeking through here and there.

Eye color: Yellow, Though you can't see them because of the golden flowers that make a crown around her head, covering her eyes completely and making her blind.

Frisk was climbing up Mt. Ebbot when she fell. She encountered Flowey and Toriel came in to stop him from killing Frisk. She and Toriel lived in the ruins until Frisk asked to leave. Toriel asked Frisk to prove that she is strong, so she tried. She tried to spare Toriel over and over again, dodging her attacks until she I hit for the 4th time. Both Frisk and Toriel gasped as Frisk fell back and her SOUL shattered.
She reset and the same things kept happening, only every time she died, a flower bloomed on her body and it couldn't be removed. This time the human brought Flowey everywhere after he helped her pass Toriel after the first reset.
By the time she had got to Mettaton's battle, she was blinded by the flowers. They had started growing over her eyes after completely covering one side of her face, her whole arms and legs. She was also going along with the help of Sans. Everytime Sans saw Frisk, he felt a pang of guilt run through his many bones. He killed humans, that was his Job, but he felt something different in frisk.
He had fell in love with the human.

Time passed by and Sans and Frisk started dating, this was the way Sans would kill humans. Get them to like him then kill them, But he couldn't bring himself To harming his sweetheart.
Over time, Frisk had beaten every monster in the underground but was not set free, though here and there she died.
She had one more space left on her body for a flower to grow after she died, then she couldn't reset.
With ever step, Sans would help Frisk so she would not die forever. Now Frisk is one step off, and once she does this time, her SOUL will shatter and reach the point where it cannot be fixed by a simple reset.


[LV] 1

[HP] 45

[ATK] 5

[DF] 5

[EXP to Next LV] 10

[Weapon] A stick with vines growing around it in a spiral pattern and small yellow flowers dotted around the vines.

[Armor] Sans's jacket and a golden heart locket.

Secret Garden~Flowerfell theme.
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Is anyone Flowerfell! Frisk?
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