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Name: Sasuke Uchiha
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Personality: Calm, cool, happy, can be sad.
Hobbies: Video games, read manga, watching anime and to hang out with +*****
Likes: +*****, anime, manga
Dislikes: Bullies, Haters, Pedophiles, people who even touch +*****.
I am Vocaloid 06 and I'm in command of this community.
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Name: Gumi Megpoid
Gender: Female
Personality: Shy, Sweet, And could never abandon her friends.
Likes: Carrots, Kind People
Dislikes: Chocolate Cake, Mean people

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It had just finished raining, I was slowly walking home, looking down at the ground. I soon got to my front porch, and fell to my knees. I started holding my throat, while crying Silently.

(Please be literate. I have no line requirements, just try not to do at least two word replies. I understand, that sometimes, we all don't have enough ideas to create more than one line. I would like to do a romance rp. It doesn't matter if a boy or girl wants to rp. I will do a total of 6 reposts.)

it was a thunder and lighting storm and you were walking through the forest when you heard two girls crying. but one was crying harder then the other.  so you?

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name: Hikari heroshima(light blue rose)
gender: female
personalty: hikari is a shy and kind girl, she is really sensitive and loyal till then end, she is always seen with kira as she feels safe with her twin.
likes: singing, reading, writing, drawing, cooking, baby blue roses, cake.
dislikes: bullies, loud bangs, big groups of people.
fears: thunder and lighting, the dark, being alone.
name: kari heroshima( slightly darker blue rose)
age: 16.
gender: female.
personalty: kari is a prankster, she is kind and protective over hikari,
she is brash and outgoing. she never leaves her twins side.
likes: playing pranks on others, cooking, singing with hikari, slightly dark blue roses, cake, and walking through the park.
dislikes: bullies, cold weather, 
fear: being away from her sister, being forgotten, thunder and lighting, the dark, 
their mother: yuma heroshima is dead as well as their farther: yuuya heroshima.
the heroshima family were on a car trip but a truck hit the car. the parents died. the heroshima twins only just survived.
this happened at night during a thunder and lighting storm
this is why the twins fear thunder and lighting.
however kari can handle it better then her younger twin hikari
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Gumi Gumi GUMI <3

Name:  Gin Tsuki
Gender: Unknown but people assume ''it's'' a she
Age: 12
Personality: Sadastic at times, Fragile, Sensitive, Passionate, Kind, Shy, Quiet

Hobbies: Drawing, Singing, Hanging out trying to make friends

Likes: Len (yes likes likes), Rin, Everyone, music, cats, the color silver

Dislikes: Miku

Backstory: There was a girl many years ago who was a princess yet an outcast. The red country tried to take over the kingdom. There was a war for many years as the red people took over. There was only one way to make peace happen. So she looked at the moon and said her last words and forced her older sibling to stab her in the chest. When she died a blue moon was in the sky with silver stars. A scientist finds her and adds some robotic stuff to her so she'll revive. But the soul of the girl is gone. ''It'' woke up without an identified gender.

Appearance: Short silver hair, sparkling silver eyes, a white long jacket hiding black shorts

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Name:Kaiko Shion
 personality:"little sister type"
  hobbies: eating ice cream hanging out with mike and Meito
 Dislikes:When Meito won't let me hug him
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helping a squirrel by finding him some acorns when... 

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Name: Xzavier Uchiha
Age: 17
hobbies: Drawing, meditating , and writing
likes: manga, anime, being alone
dislikes: bullies, animal cruelty, people period.
personality: shy, sheltered, sarcastic, happy, laid back, go with the low type guy
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