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Name: Eli
Age: 16
Powers: I have powers I won't reveal but I am Tony's assistant because while I am more creative he is the one who makes most of the suits features for me
Homeland: Earth
Weapons: Laser wrist watch ( reflection + super expensive high powered laser = Laser watch ), Suit full of weapons, Shotgun-Repulsor glove that uses nuclear batteries, the actual suits strength, and my powers I refuse to reveal yet
Looks: Light brown hair, blue left eye, red right eye with scar and a signature fang necklace
Position: Hero/Scientist ( I help, I am not a head-scientist XD )
Money situation: I helped Tony make industrial producible S.W.A.T. Iron man suits, I'm fucking loaded
Gender: Male
Team: New Avengers ( Actual people in the group )

I'm a scientist for the avengers not actual hero
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