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WHAT You Can't Post and WHERE You Should Post!

Doing These Things Will Get You Warnings From the LPC!!  Doing Them More Than Twice Will Get You BANNED From the LPC!!!

Do you ever wonder what would get you banned from the LPC? It is really easy....Here are few tips to get you started:
~~Posting inappropriate subject matter such as dogs, cats, bikes, trikes, cars, people, building interiors, and animated GIFs. 
~~Being dis-respectful to a moderator.
~~Posting advertisements that do not benefit the community.
~~Watermarks are OK, but please not words or phrases on the photos. Ask yourself 'does this distract from the image?' Use your best judgement. This may be subjective.
~~Sharing content that is NOT related to Nature Photography. This includes Political, Religious, Ethnic and other non-related subject matter.
~~Make hateful comments and being disrespectful to other members.
~~Share someone else's work and claim it as yours.
~~Only original Photos by photographers are allowed in ALL categories of the LPC except the Re-Share & Credit (Not My Photo) category.
~~If you share someone else's work in the Re-Share & Credit (Not My Photo) category you MUST give credit to the original photographer.
~~Repeatedly ignoring the rules of the community.

Do NOT post spam links on this post or spam comments on any post in the LPC. Doing so will result in banning without warning.

Do NOT post albums, collections or collages! Your photos will receive more attention when posted one at a time.

Do NOT post videos, or animated GIFs and PNGs! Also do NOT post 360 degree panoramas, photospheres, or planet spheres.  This is a community for landscape photographs ~ still photographs.

Do NOT post thumbnails that are links to external sites. Links producing full sized images are allowed, however links producing thumbnail-sized images are NOT allowed and will be removed with comment. The third offense will result in a loss of posting privileges within the LPC.

Do NOT post photos more frequently than one per hour. This means that you shouldn't post multiple photos at the same time.  Your photos will receive more attention when they are spread out throughout the day.  Such multiple entries will be removed.

Do NOT post composite photos. Composites are photos that were taken at different places and/or different times.  You may bracket photos and take multiple exposures and blend or stitch them together.

Do NOT post photos of building interiors, statues, or artwork of any kind.

Do NOT post screenshots. We want to see photographs from a camera rather than screenshots from your computer!! Using your smartphone's camera is fine.

It is a good idea to post using an unrestricted profile or page when the restrictions are not required. Our owners and moderators want to be able to interact with you.

Where You Should Post Your Photos
SPAM  --  If you share to the Landscape Photography Community and fail to specify a category, it will go into the SPAM category.  If you are on G+ when you post, you are forced to select a category.  Hence, most of the posts in this category are dumped there from other social media propagation programs such as FaceBook.  We consider it SPAM and will leave them right there.

New People ~ Introduce Yourself -- If you are new to the LPC, tell us about yourself, where you are from, and what you enjoy about landscape photography.  You may post a photo but it isn't required.  If you do post a photo, make sure that it's an original (you took the photo) landscape.

Re-Share & Credit (Not My Photo)  --  You may share the work of others in this category. Proper credit MUST always be given to the original photographer.  NO wallpapers are allowed.  This is the ONLY category in the LPC where you may share the work of another person.

Natural/Rural Landscapes  --  This is our most general landscape category.  Almost any original landscape photograph is acceptable.  Land or water should be the predominant feature such as mountains, oceans, valleys, meadows, rivers, lakes etc. Images with bridges or rural country churches, for example, are allowed as long as they are small within the frame and are not the main subject of the image. No vehicles, bikes, trikes, kids, pets, or people are allowed as major elements.  Only original photographs are allowed. 

Monochrome  --  All photographs here should be of the same hue such as Black and White, Sepia, or hues within the same color palate.  They must also be landscapes or nature photographs.  Only original photographs are allowed.

Wild Life  --  Photos in this category should contain a WILD animal.  The animal may be in the wild or in a zoo or conservation area.  NO dogs, cats, pets, or domestic animals are allowed.  Only original photographs are allowed.

Macro & Details  --  Do you photograph small things in nature?  We would love to see close up photography of natural objects such as flowers and insects with the emphasis on small details and close looks.   They should be natural subjects and NOT man-made. Only original photographs are allowed.

City and Landscape Architecture - Post your best urban images here. You may post artful images of man-made landscapes, skylines, cityscapes, exterior architecture and other environments where man-made structures are the primary subject, not humans or animals. Architectural detail, street views (not street photography), cityscapes, harbor views, etc. are all permitted.  NO street photography, street portraits, graffiti, or building interiors of any kind are allowed in the LPC. Only original photographs are allowed.

Inspiration (No Posting)  --  Do NOT Post in this category.  Only moderators may post to Inspiration.  They will share posts/photographs that they find inspirational in the other categories. 

Critiques (#ImproveMyPhoto)  --  If you would like help improving a photograph, you may post it here.  The hashtag, #ImproveMyPhoto ,  MUST be included in the introduction.  Also tell the moderators briefly why you are posting the image.  What do you like / not like / are struggling with?  You must be an active participant in the discussion of your own image and you should always thank the moderators and other community members for taking the time to thoughtfully make improvement suggestions.  Only one image per week is allowed.  Failure to meet ANY of these conditions will result in your post being moved to a different category or removed from the community.  Please post only original photos.  Derivative works such as composites and digital paintings will be removed. Please read the special guidelines for critiques:

Discussion  --  If you post in discussion, you should be asking questions that you want moderators and other members to answer or you may state a topic for discussion.  Photographs and other posts that do NOT stimulate discussion will be moved to a different category or removed from the community.

Workflow & Processing  --  Post your favorite workflow and processing tips, processing tutorials, and other how-to-do-it topics.

Learning Resources  --  Post information that will be of value to members.  You may post upcoming workshops here.  You may NOT post commercials.

Rules (No Posting)  --  Do NOT Post in this category.  However, please READ the rules.  Inappropriate posts will be removed from the LPC.  For minor rules violations, you will receive two warnings before you are banned from the community.  For major violations such as posting pornography or commercials, you will be banned from the community without warning.

Announcements (No Posting)  --  Do NOT Post in this category.  Please check here for current information.

Events  --  The LPC routinely hosts events and contests and supports events from the +Landscape Photography Show and other events that support the general landscape photography community.

Share and Enjoy!!

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