Is this group alive? I'd love to get involved with any events and days out ^-^

So Anthrocon's over (Big shout out to our American cousins), what's the UK got in store for the Furry Fandom, other than rain?

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I know it's probably a bit late, but theres a furcon next week:  we had a lot of cancellations at the last minute so have a few spaces. You can talk to me for more details. And please share this around.

Hello All

After such a successful walk in last years gay pride, the evidence of which can be seen here: I am once again organising a walking group.

So book the 29th June into your dairy and make sure you can be here to take part.

I don't have any details on the time at the moment, but from what I can tell there will only be 5 floats allowed, so it shouldn't be to hard. I've also made a request that we're not to be put near a dancing group as that really annoyed me last year.

I can not make any guarantees about sleeping arrangements at mine yet as I don't know where I'll be living, but if I can accommodate people I will. Otherwise, anyone else with spare sleeping space please mention it below so that everyone will have a place to sleep and we can get as many people as possible to take part.

The walking group isn't limited to just pups, anyone in fetish gear is more then welcome to join us. At the very least, wear a fetish related T-shirt, like the fetish bound ones, if you are going to come.

Any pups who do want to come, please bring your handler, or arrange for someone to look after you while you are there. With the crowds wanting pictures, and the kids wanting hugs, you'll need someone without a hood to take care of you and answer peoples questions. You'll also need someone to carry some water or other fluid as well during the walk.

The walk should be about 3 miles as last year, and the walking speed will be about 1 mile and hour, so rather slow.

There will be a group photographer, and possibly more camera crews (we were on BBC3 last year) so if you don't want to be filmed in any way, please let me know. However pictures of everyone will appear on flicker anyway.

After the walk there will be either a picnic in Hyde park, or possibly back to mine for food as we did last year. Shopping in Tesco with puppies was rather good fun.

There is also a fetish club near me with a full dungeon, if theres enough interest I can hire that out for the evening after (10pm-6am) if people want. I would need at least 50 people at £10 entry fee to be able to hire the club, so if register interest soon for that.

Any questions, PM me!

And I look forward to seeing a lot of people there.

P.S. if you don't like pride, or disagree with rubber in public, take your comments elsewhere, I didn't give a shit last year, and I still don't. None of the organisers care, the public enjoyed it, and the only person with a problem is you.

My family's from such parts. Might as well right? :)

Want to know what's up with all the TV made in the 1970s? Or ask what a Jammie Dodger is or what's the deal with Spotted Dick?

Well there you go.
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