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I was not 100% correct when I stated that Call2ACTION Symbols™ (with their inherent “A/B Split Testing” capability) are the ONLY way to MEASURE ROI on PRINT ADVERTISING!

There is an old, tried and true, measurement tool that many of today’s younger generation do not know about…. But small, local business have used for years!

That is, to use “SEPARATE, DEDICATED PHONE NUMBERS” for each ad campaign!

At one time, this used to be very popular – especially, in the Yellow Pages Days of marketing “800 Number Call-in Campaigns”…. This can economically and efficiently be done TODAY, using Google Voice numbers!

How it works:
You create one ad and run it in two different media vehicles. Say, a McHenry Newspaper ad (Campaign “A”) and a Crystal Lake newspaper ad (Campaign “B”) -- Thus, the process name – [A/B Split Testing].

Everything is the same except each has A UNIQUE PHONE NUMBER created to be used ONLY for that ad!

You DO NOT use the regular business phone number; as there is NO WAY TO MEASURE which calls are coming in created by the ad, compared against many others that may be coming in from previous clients, folks who found you online, people who responded to your business card given out at networking meetings, etc.

If a number like “815-555-1234” is used ONLY in the McHenry newspaper ad as a UNIQUE phone number; and a second UNIQUE PHONE NUMBER, like “815-666-5678”; is used ONLY in the Crystal Lake newspaper ad… while maybe even a THIRD UNIQUE number, like “815-777-4444”, to be used with a local flyer-type vehicle (like Box Top Advertising, which I highly recommend)… you will be able to TRACK THE RESULTS FROM EACH AD, SEPERATLY!

Therefore, you will NOW be able to MEASURE the COST OF THE AD against the dollar amount of sales (and profit) generated from the client telephoning your business - using each “SEPARATE, DEDICATED PHONE NUMBER” as the “Professional enabling tool”!

This is certainly a “quick and easy” – but extremely POWERFUL – way to MEASURE ROI…. A discipline that all the successful businesses use regularly! Unfortunately many/MOST “newbie” business folks neglect to APPLY THIS DISCIPLINE! Those are usually the same ones who soon are out of business!

The old, “Tell us you saw it in our ad” method has so many fallacies, it is virtually useless… I GUARANTEE a business relying on that type of feedback has NO ONE PERSON RESPONSIBLE FOR TRACKING & RECORDING that feedback!

With a unique phone number, combined with a process (or tool, like Google Voice) in place to accurately COUNT AND IDENTIFY which client generated which specific income – corresponding to each SPECIFIC source…. You have a hugely powerful tool to begin to MANAGE your business!

So, Mama never said making a profit is ever EASY, but it is ALWAYS possible.

The difference between the winner and losers are the Professional Marketing Tools they use:

(Like Call2ACTION Symbols™ - adding #Push2GO capability to your PRINTED Materials, in the OFFLINE World – subtly leading prospects to your ONLINE Presence -- your MOVS™ ; TRACKING the heck out of each “campaign” – i.e. capturing their RSVP, AUTOMATICALLY)

The WIN / LOSE Difference? …The Professional Marketing skills of the person running the “Campaigns”!

Hope this helps,


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Just a "Teaser" Prepared for our Wednesday afternoon Podcast...
with Clara Bell Efrona, Lead Singer of

and also AKA.... LADY AUDIO...

I am the Pro at #Call2ACTIONSymbols and #EngageDirectMeasure... but, clearly no threat in the Audio business -- LOL!

OK #podcasters and #audio experts...

How do you record voice audio - using a USB connection to the phone, so one can use an audio-technica ATR2100-USB better quality mic on a Samsung Galaxy S6 phone?

A Youtube video showed a connector that IS NOT the Amazon link adapter noted in the it connects a mic via an XLR connector.

My goal is the use my USB micro OTG cable which has a standard female USB outlet that I can plug the standard size male USB plug from my ATR2100-USB microphone.

The blue mic light comes on, but I can not record via the USB micro connection.  No sound is caltured.

TIPS would be highly appreciated.

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#elio. @eliomotors #mlb @EdBaseballBoy @fans4thecure How do YOU find an Angel?
Cancer diagnosis? #Call2ACTIONSymbols

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We're back LIVE on 103.5FM-WADR Janesville Community Radio Thursday's 7-9pm starting July 14th! ‪#‎OMPRadio‬ ‪#‎StartedFromTheBasementNowWeHere‬

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Austin Wood is a comedian and host of DMV Sports Talk. You may also recognize him from the Tom Green Show. Brother Chris checks in from Nebraska, and B-Bag spits a wicked freestyle. #OMP #iTunes #SoundCloud #YouTube

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Mark joins us from Belfast Northern Ireland, There’s no shame in brown lemonade, History of the Black and Tan, Irish Car Bombs, and FREE healthcare for everyone! #OMP #iTunes #SoundCloud #YouTube
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