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Trying to figure out where the smell is coming from been trying to deal with this problem for two years but unfortunately we are not allowed to tell the owner which is bullshit because I am my health is more important then the second little sec
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They don’t feel comfortable with the personal sacrifice and loss of the opportunity to pursue other options and no spouse or child will change that mindset. In saying that, some people change substantially when they are in love. The selflessness of that love and the deep, abiding respect you feel for someone who is both precious and irreplaceable to you can change your heart substantially about how you want to live your life and with whom. Ultimately love is all about the actions and nothing to do with the words. It’s the ordinary everyday commitment to think of another before or equal to yourself all the time. None of us are born great at it and we all just need endless practice to keep on trying to get closer to living a loving life.
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