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Welcome All! Welcome humans, welcome Sangheili, and welcome to those who classify themselves as potatoes. Welcome to Halo Naval RP!

Welcome to the far reaches of the galaxy. With galaxies still to be reached. There are still threats yet to heard from, and protectors yet to be seen. You can be those. Be a protector to your species either side. Fight for what you believe in, and if you should go down. Go down fighting. Now there are fights to be fought, but in a world like this. Those fights could not be fought without the Navy. Respect to Captains, and crew of all these ships. This is the focus you have here

There are multiple fleets in the galaxy, and multiple ships in each. Before you begin to role play here. Find yourself someone who owns a fleet, or if you get permission make your own. Get your own ship, or be a crewmen on another Ship

This is the year 2560. The Prometheans are active, but their ships are hidden. The Remnants are growing. Trying to reform their Covenant. The attack Cortana made was stopped, but the UNSC has lost much in the aftermath. Some of their solar systems have been lost, and they have been pushed back to their originating Solar System, and the surrounding ones. It has now become a large Naval War for the galaxy. Earth being the center point for most UNSC fleets. There are surrounding solar systems that have fleets watching over. The UNSC have been receiving constant attack, but luckily the solar systems surrounding the Earth solar system acts as a buffer between the Covenant, and Earth. The border systems are under constant threat as the UNSC must find where these attacks are coming from. Fleets have been organized for the task of stopping the Covenant from being reborn into a new light

Here are all the templates:

Normal Character Template-

Advanced Character Template-

Normal Ship Template-

Advanced Ship Template-

Fleet Template-

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<Normal Character Template>

Name: James Sage
Alternate Names: Warden, Lone wanderer
Rank: corporal
Species/Race: human
Ethnicity: American-British
Gender: Male
Appearance: Has a scar on his left cheek from an energy sword, he also has a prohetistic on his right arm
Height: 6 foot 4 inches
Weight: around 200 LBS
Age: 21
Blood Type: O+
Birth Date: August 25th, 2539
Homeworld: Genesis colony

Mother: Rosa Sage, status: Dead
Father: John Sage, status: DEAD
Faction: UNSC
Friends/Allies: none
Enemies: Val'Dom

Personality & Characteristics
Personality: He's a very caring and joyful person, once you open him up some, tho he is fierce when you talk about a touchy topic
Likes: pancakes, coffee, nature, silence
Dislikes: ignorance, some topics
Faith: Christian
Public image: A tough guy, tho ODSTs who have known him for a long time say he a giant teddy bear towards children.

Primary Skills: Guns, survival, knife fighting, driving
Secondary Skills: hand-to-hand combat
Attributes: fierce fighter
Strengths: He is a very willed guy, he finds strength in the happiness of his fellow troops
Weaknesses: Reminds of certain events can make him break down in an anxiety attack

Primary Weapons: Battle rifle with an 6x scope and flashlight
Secondary Weapons: Magnum and/or knife
Armor: ODST armor with extra armor
Other: frag grenades and fire bombs

Fleet: Waiting for transfer
Ship: Waiting for transfer
Professions: defense, exploration and boarding
Soldier Type: Lead by example
Combat Role: Scout or Assault

Biography: James was born in the Genesis colony. His childhood was perfect, his father owned a bar, while his mother was a communication officer. That was when James life went upside down when he was 15, he saw his colony gone, just by the press of button. He saw the glassing of his colony up close, he was emontinally disturbed. He was found beside two skeletons curled up and rocking back and forth. At age 18, James joined the UNSC to train as an ODST. Age 20, James performed perfectly and almost became a perfect candidate for the spartan program, though he refused. Age 21, James is awaiting his transfer to a fleet and eventually a new family.

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Zachariah Sanguine



Date of Birth
August 12th

Actual Age

Mental Age


166 lbs

Home System
Sol System


Home Continent
British Isles

Home City/State
Belfast, Ireland.


Blood Type

Tiberius Sanguine - Father
Helen Sanguine - Mother

Relationship Partner
N/A still looking


Sex Drive

Physical Condition

Psychological Conditions

Skin Color
Spanish Tan

Skin Texture

He has a scar that runs down his left eye, but didn't damage it.

Hair Colour
Dark Brown

Hair Style
Short, militaristic high and tight.

Eye Colour(s)

Physical Deformities

Rain, The View from the Deck, and the Night Life in Dublin when he goes on R&R

Traitors, Treason, and when he loses a member of his ship.

Thick Irish Accent

Country-Born vocality.


United Nations Space Command

Needing assignment


Soldier Type
Calculative, Tactical

Public Image

Faction Image
Pilot Propaganda.

Likable when you get to know him

Reliable to his allies


Enemies: any opposition of the UNSC
Nemesis: N/A

Identification Number


Primary Weapon
Designated Marksman Rifle

Secondary Weapon
Submachine Gun

Bowie Knife in his wrist gauntlet.

Alternate Weapon(s)
MA5 Assault Rifle

He wears his officer uniform when on the deck, and when he Combat he wears something akin to a Mandalorian Pilot.

Armour Colour
Forest Green, Dark Brown, and Black.


Additional Features

Alternate Attire


Primary Skills
Leadership, Piloting.

Secondary Skills
Marksmanship, Map Reading, CQC.

Physical Capabilities
Speed and Hand to Hand Combat

Physical Limits
Sprinter, non-long distance runner

Excellent Hand Eye Co-Ordination.

N/A doesn't speak much

Known to use the terrain in any combat situation to his advantage

Zachariah was born to two Irish Parents, his father was a UNSC Marine and his mother was a civilian nurse. He worked the farm with his father until he came of age to go to college, he attend one of the many colleges in Dublin. Afterwards he went and commissioned with the UNSC Navy.

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Would I ne okay to edit Tyvu Mdatamee and give him a new ship to port over here?

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As Captain Naem looked out of the bridge of the UNSC Tendency, the deep darkness of slip-space faded away as the UNSC Epsilon Eridani Defense Fleet came into view. Looking back at the officers in their work stations, he addressed his Lieutenant.

"We holding up?"

"Affirmative, Captain. No damage reports popping up. Shall we hail the flagship?"

"Go ahead, Lieutenant. We need them to know we're here."

The Lieutenant pressed a key on his view screen that bore a microphone icon, pressumably to activate the ship's radio.

"UNSC Tendency to UNSC Iron Will, does anyone read me? This is Captain Naem, bringing in a reinforcement Charon-class Frigate."

A silence fell in the room, as the Captain assumed the message didn't get through.

"Vice Admiral +Edward Thatch​​​, do you copy?"


RP anyone?

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"No need to tell us when to engage. It's a tendency of ours."

Name: Tendency

Classification Number: 34719

Faction: United Nations Space Command Navy

Designated Fleet: Epsilon Eridani Defense Fleet

Class: Charon

Combat Role: Combat Support

Vessel Type: Charon Light Frigate

Crew Number: 753 (782 max)

Mark II, Light Coil - 86B3R3/MAC
M58 Archer Pods
4 M870 Rampart 50mm Defense Turrets
3 M4093 Hyperion Nuclear Delivery Systems
Single Occupant Exoatmospheric Insertion Vehicles

Length: 490 m/1,607 ft 7 in

Width: 156 m/511 ft 10 in

Height: 139 m/ 460 ft

Armor: 60 cm/2' Titanium-A battleplate

Commanding Officer: Raed Naem

Orbital Drop Shock Troopers
D96-TCE Albatross Drop Ships
M274 Ultra-Light ATVs
D79H-TC Pelican Dropships
M808 Main Battle Tanks
M12 Light Reconnaissance Vehicles
M12G1 Light Anti-Armor Vehicles
M831 Troop Transport
Clarion Spy Drones

Status: Active

Notable Battles:

Second Battle of Harvest
Battle of Hat Yai
Battle of XI Boötis A
The Fall of Reach
Battle of Earth

Service History (Briefed):

Went in service in 2509 and is currently still operational. Served as the living quarters from the 75-95th ODST Battalions. Notably was engaged in in battles on Harvest, Reach and Earth.
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Name: Selena Connors
Nickname(s): N/A
Date of Birth: November 19th, 2524
Actual Age: 36
Mental Age: 36
Appeared Age: Mid-to-late twenties
Height: 5'7
Weight: 164 lbs
Home System: Algol
Homeworld: Algolis
Home continent: Unknown
Home city/state: Unknown
Gender: Female
Blood Type: O+
(Father) Ryan Connors: Deceased
(Mother) Trisha Connors: Alive
Relationship Partner: N/A
Sexuality: Homosexual
Sex Drive: Average
Physical Conditions: N/A
Psychological Conditions: N/A
Skin colour: Caucasian
Skin Texture: relatively smooth
Scars/piercings: Has several plasma wounds on her left arm and chest
Hair colour: Black
Hair Style: Just short of shoulder length
Eye Colour(s): Blue
Physical Deformities: Unable
Likes: Quiet and efficient people
Dislikes: Overconfident people, annoying people, flirting
Accent: Slight british accent
Vocality: Usually quiet unless spoken to


Faction: UNSC Navy, ONI
Fleet: Epsilon Eridani Defense fleet
Rank: Commander
Soldier Type: Officer
Public Image: Almost completely unknown
Faction Image: Mostly Unknown, usually respected by the few that even pay attention to her.
Likeability: Low, to most
Reliability: High
AI "Fenrir"
Quinton Devon
Felicity Adams
George Mathews
Enemies/Nemesis: Covenant, Prometheans, Insurrectionists
Identification Number: Identification Number: 06366-82341-SC


Primary Weapon: M20 PDW
Secondary Weapon: Combat knife
Sidearm: M6H2 PDWS
Alternate Weapon(s): ONI Hard Sound Rifle
Armour: ODST BDU (Recon variant)
Armour Colour: Dark Blue
Shielding: N/A
Additional features: N/A
Alternate Attire: UNSC Commanders uniform

Explosives: N/A
Equipment: UNSC Spoofer (if necessary),
Augmentations (If Applicable): N/A


Primary Skills: Tactical analysis, leadership
Secondary Skills: Stealth, Lying/manipulation,
Physical Capabilities: Quick reflexes, fairly agile
Physical Limits: Not very strong
Attributes: (Not exactly sure what to put here)

"The point of a Prowler is to avoid detection, and bring hell on the enemy unseen. After losing my father to a covenant destroyer....I can live with that."

//Notable Facts\\
Second CO of the UNSC Black Horse

Before switching to the Navy, she did several assassination missions on Covenant targets. She has more respect for UNSC ground forces because of it, knowing some of the hell they've been through.

She was born in a small town on the human colony of Algolis on November 19th, 2524. She joined the Office of Naval Intelligence as a field operative, initially wanting to avoid naval combat. After getting severely injured by a plasma rifle, Selena switched over to the UNSC navy, and was assigned to a frigate. After several skirmishes with Covenant forces, the ship was eventually retired, and the crew were transferred to other ships. She happened to be transferred to the Prowler Black Horse, the ship where she would be assigned to for the rest of the war. When the previous CO retired, she took his place, and was promoted to Commander.

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|Ship Advanced| (Optional)

"She's like the Horseman who rides her, capable of killing you easily, and unable to be fought."

Name: Black Horse

Classification Number: PRO-39287

Faction: Office of Naval Intelligence, United Nations Space Command

Designated Fleet: Epsilon Eridani Defense Fleet

Class: Sahara Class Heavy Prowler

Combat Role: Support

Vessel Type: stealth Corvette

Crew Number: 4 bridge crew, 12 other crew, at least two fireteams of marines

XEV9 Matos-Nonlinear pulse cannons
M947 Shiva nuclear defense system
M441 Hornet Remote Explosive system
Rudra Class nuclear missiles

Length: 281 meters

Width: 155 meters

Height: 62 meters

Titanium A-Battleplate

Commanding Officer: Commander Selena Connors

AI: "Fenrir" UNSC AI FNR-3942-4

Bridge Crew:
Lieutenant Quinton Devin (Ops station)
Ensign George Mathews (Weapons Officer)
Ensign Felicia Adams (Navigations Officer)

Essential Personal:

Status: Active Service

Notable Battles:
Battle of Miridem
Battle of Camber
Battle of Reynes
Battle of Bounty
Battle of Algolis
Fall of Reach

Service History:
The UNSC Black Horse's first mission was back in 2532, 7 years after the onset of the Human-Covenant war. It has served in several battles, although not in direct combat. The ship itself isn't new, but it received a refit in 2554, upgrading it's systems to be on par with modern technology.
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