can i request a hydrogen mech that can also go underwater?

can someone make me a hydreigon mech?

Ok. I'm going to fuse by myself without any help from my team, so that I may not anger Kagami. Since I so far have no clear answer on how to do it, I'll just write a post and go from there

I work in an isolated lab with my Zoroark, studying its DNA. I inject several different DNA samples into myself, mostly blood samples and other fluids. I continue studying, now down to the powers of Zoroark. I keep studying this all night, injecting several things into me and also seeing how it affects me. So far nothing happens before I pass out, but the DNA starts to take effect on me while I sleep...

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+Colonial Skyzor​ I've been told that you could address my question...?
Alright, I would like to be fused wit h Zoroark. How may we get started?

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Name: Grudge

Species: Banette

Gender: male?
Lvl. 61

Trainer: none

- Dazzling Gleam
- Will-o-Wisp
- Psychic
- Phantom Force

Personality: Grudge...

Nature: Hardy

Hp: 96
Def: 96
Atk: 212

Hp: 167
Def: 112
Atk: 209
Sp. Atk: 156
Sp. Def: 200
Spd: 156

Bio: I'd rather not...
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Name: rya
Age: 20s
gender: female
race: zoroark Fusion
sexual oreintation: straight
birthplace: goldenrod city, Jhoto
Family: none
Team: Chaos
relationship: single
Likes: playing pranks, good battles, helping out
skills: illusions and messing with peoples minds
Personality: playful, kind, mischievous and secretive
Appearence: see picture
Pokemon: her zorua
its moves: dark pulse, foul play, nasty plot, night daze

Bio: When she was little she was brain washed into being a pokemon trainer, after a month of scuccess she was experimented on and was turned into a brainwashed zoroark fusion and was "a failed test and need to be disposed of" she managed to escape she has found and taken in a zorua that likes to live in her hair
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