can i request a hydrogen mech that can also go underwater?

can someone make me a hydreigon mech?

Ok. I'm going to fuse by myself without any help from my team, so that I may not anger Kagami. Since I so far have no clear answer on how to do it, I'll just write a post and go from there

I work in an isolated lab with my Zoroark, studying its DNA. I inject several different DNA samples into myself, mostly blood samples and other fluids. I continue studying, now down to the powers of Zoroark. I keep studying this all night, injecting several things into me and also seeing how it affects me. So far nothing happens before I pass out, but the DNA starts to take effect on me while I sleep...

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+Colonial Skyzor​ I've been told that you could address my question...?
Alright, I would like to be fused wit h Zoroark. How may we get started?

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Name: Grudge

Species: Banette

Gender: male?
Lvl. 61

Trainer: none

- Dazzling Gleam
- Will-o-Wisp
- Psychic
- Phantom Force

Personality: Grudge...

Nature: Hardy

Hp: 96
Def: 96
Atk: 212

Hp: 167
Def: 112
Atk: 209
Sp. Atk: 156
Sp. Def: 200
Spd: 156

Bio: I'd rather not...

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Name: rya
Age: 20s
gender: female
race: zoroark Fusion
sexual oreintation: straight
birthplace: goldenrod city, Jhoto
Family: none
Team: Chaos
relationship: single
Likes: playing pranks, good battles, helping out
skills: illusions and messing with peoples minds
Personality: playful, kind, mischievous and secretive
Appearence: see picture
Pokemon: her zorua
its moves: dark pulse, foul play, nasty plot, night daze

Bio: When she was little she was brain washed into being a pokemon trainer, after a month of scuccess she was experimented on and was turned into a brainwashed zoroark fusion and was "a failed test and need to be disposed of" she managed to escape she has found and taken in a zorua that likes to live in her hair

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"No amount of regret will change the past. And no amount of worry will change the future."

"This world isn't perfect. But there are people who are there for us when we need them. That's what makes them so damn beautiful."

"You regret it, don't you? Well. Your guilt will become your past, and as you cling onto the regret, the past will become your God. There's no escaping your past. It will chase you forever and ever. Don't forget what you've done. As soon as you forget, you may just do it again. Nobody's perfect, we all make mistakes. But as soon as our mistakes hurt others, they become a problem."

Name: Skyzor (Sableye fused)
Moves: shadow ball, shadow claw, dark pulse, protect
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Badges: 44
Sexuality: bisexual
Pokemon:Electivire, Feraligator, Machamp, Tyranitar, Steelix, Salamence
Moves of pokemon: Electivire: thunderbolt, zap cannon, focus blast, thunderpunch
Feraligator: hydro pump, surf, crunch, hydro cannon
Machamp: submission, focus blast, dynamic punch, thunderpunch
Tyranitar: dark pulse, stone edge, earthquake, crunch
Steelix: flash cannon, iron head, dig, earthquake
Salamence: Fly, outrage, dragon rush, dragon pulse
Height: 6'1
Weight: classified
Birth Place: Jubilife City
Region: Sinnoh
Birthday: 8/4
Relationship Status: dating +Princess Zelda (I think? Is it official?)
Likes: +Princess Zelda Regirock
Dislikes: people who get in his way
Personality: Greedy, insane, friendly(if you get to know him), arrogant, violent
Skills/Specialties: skilled at hand to hand combat
Speech Characteristic/voice: He sounds incredibly sarcastic with a medium pitched voice. You can't tell if he's telling the truth or lying.
Backstory: born in Sinnoh, blew things up, beat a level 70 Machoke in hand to hand combat
Bio: born in the Sinnoh region. He tried to become champion, but was defeated by Cynthia.
Strength: 10/10
Speed: 9/10
Intelligence: 8/10
Stamina: 6/10
Teamwork: 5/10
Goal: To kick ass
Appearance/Clothing: picture
Eye Color: varies
Hair Color: black
Skin Color: vampiric pale
Fighting Style: fast and brutal
Gear/Technology: Pokegear, Pokenav +
Items in the bag: assorted pokeballs, many medicines, clothes (mainly coats) money
pokeballs: 400 ultraballs, 30 quick balls, 50 timer balls
medicines: 300 full restores, 50 max revives, 80 max Elixirs
key items: bike, dowsing machine, assorted items
berries: none
Hidden machines: all
Technical machines: 50 of them
general items: coats, money
Team: Chaos
Occupation: former info broker, Current Chaos One
Theme: Flame of Youth, DragonForce
Battle Theme: Through the Fire and the Flames, by Dragonforce
Sad theme: Buried Beneath, Red
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Can I be a mod?


Knew it.

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