I heard a little more about the story,
about Carrolls movie.
Its said it was a drama movie.
Which also means sad.
And I thought what??
But this is Carroll Spinney,
whats so sad about his life??
Till I heard a little when he was a boy kids made fun of him and his puppets.
They couldnt treat him like that!
I bet those kids aint got no class!
And worst of all his Dad, bad temper.
Thats his father??
Well then what's his problem??
Wasn't he impress with his sons talent?
What was he a grouch??
I guess thats where Caroll meet Oscar.
Whatever happen, I hope his dad didn't say anything nasty.
That would make me mad.

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Hello, my name is Trey Taylor.
Im 16 years old and I love Sesame Street
since I was little.
My favorite characters are
Big Bird, Elmo and most of all
Mr. Snuffelupagus!
But I heard they made a movie about Caroll and I heard he has been voicing Big Bird for years! He mustev been proud to be the voice and the heart of him.
I want to ask, I heard their developing a brand new movie of Sesame Street!
Does anybody know about this?
I want to ask you will Snuffy join Bird in the future film?
I been asking everywhere. Dont know what its about or when but I just hope it turns out great just like the first movie,
Follow That Bird!
That was a great movie.
How did Caroll feel about that movie?
I bet he loved it!
I wish Caroll could voice Big Bird forever.
Will it be about Bird Elmo and Snuffy in this new film?
If you see this please let me know.
If you do thank you.
From Trey Taylor
There is no bird bigger than Big Bird

Starting to log our Frank Oz interview today, excited!!!!

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We know the term "never-before-seen footage" gets thrown around a lot.  But you have to check out this, truly, never-before-seen footage from the life of Caroll Spinney.  

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We've been working on this film over here at Copper Pot Pictures for going on 4 years now.  In our first meeting with Caroll and Deb Spinney to discuss the potential for a film, not only did Caroll bring Oscar, who totally cut us down (in a good way), but Deb dropped the bomb on us that she has videotaped everything that they have ever done.  As filmmakers, this was music to our ears.  Almost four years later, we are still going through archival footage!  In our wildest dreams, we could have never imagined that there would be so much amazing footage.  Thank you, Spinneys!!!  Thank you!!!  And hopefully the fans will thank you, too.  You can see but a snippet of that archival footage in our trailer for I AM BIG BIRD.
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