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It's been almost a year since Mythic Mortals was released! I simply cannot believe it. To celebrate I have combined all three expansions into one discounted pack.

Anyone play any games lately? I haven't gotten the chance to play it in a few weeks, and I think it's almost time to try my hand at playing it online again!

Any advice on running this online?

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The CrowdPleaser expansion for Mythic Mortals is now available!

Featuring 4 dangerous and deadly Bosses you can use in your adventures, it also includes 3 new classes!

The Wrestler - +Nathan Paoletta  - Entertain the crowd, pull off flashy maneuvers, and mater the mat!
The Gunfighter - +Grant Howitt  - Enter powerful stances, use your Blackpowder Zen abilities, and finish off your enemies from a distance!
The Metalhead - +Daniel Charlton  - Energize your allies with screaming guitar solos, to be followed by the screaming of your enemies as you smash them!

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Anyone down for a game of Mythic Mortals on Friday?

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New Setting for Mythic Mortals
New Setting for #MythicMortals:

You're an adult. You hold down an 8-5 job, pay taxes, maybe have kids, a house, whatever. You're happy, in your own way, but you don't get to enjoy stories and imagination as much as you'd like.

One night, while sleeping, you groggily awake to see a shadow darken your room. With a start you see a figure outside your window, lightly tapping on the glass. The shadows seem to undo the lock, and the figure enters your room.

Before you can shout, a light enters the room, and a small glowing creature alights upon your nose, stunning you into silence.

"Hello! You're the last of my Lost Boys, and I need your help. Captain Hook has escaped, and he's unleashed the worst villains of Neverland. The real question is: 'Can you still think happy thoughts?'"

Smiling, he reaches his hands out to you, and when you grasp them you feel an old power settle on you, like putting on a comfortable pair of shoes. The tiny glowing creature dusts you with a sparkling powder, and you fly out of the room, heading towards the second star to the right, straight on till morning.

This could be set in Neverland, or in your hometown, where Hook has invaded

Tell me your stories!

What was something cool/funny/strange that happened in your Mythic Mortals game? I'd like to collect some stories and do a fun little blog post. Post them below!

PSST Due to some schedule chicanery, the 2nd Expansion will be released first! (hopefully this weekend!)

I'm so excited to get this thing out the door!

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Hey, so I know the spirit of mythic mortals is to be one shots and convention games, but I'm someone who really enjoys the premise of the game.  So, in my selfishness, I wrote up a couple leveling features that'll (hopefully) enable campaign play while still staying true to the spirit of the game.  Let me know what you think!

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A sneak peek at upcoming expansions for Mythic Mortals!
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