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Candy gore YCH
SB: 40
AB: 500

You can look here to see examples of my finished work:

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Ends in 3 days
ends in 5 days now
im doing a contest you draw one of my oc and the winners get a gif
1. you get 1 gifs and a hand made plush 3 feet tall
2. you get 1 gifs and a 2 foot tall plush
3. you get one gif and a foot tall plush
4. you get 3 drawings and a 6 in plush
5. 3 drawing
6. 2 drawing
7. 1drawing
8. You get a myo of one of my species
9. I make them a free oc
Use #ivycontest
And to enter comment or share and on the pages so i know who is in it the 3 deer cats the 1 one is mine and the color palette is for the ones that don't have color or the ones in front of the explosion and some is old art and you can put your oc in with it and as many of my as you want ends June -15- 20 got extended now if you have any questions tell me and if you win and want a plush and live where it's more than 10$ to send you need to help with the sending fee for got to put in a few oc in i feel bad now please join it's free and  the cat of 3 the pink one is mine and the yellow Chinadog I will co own just need to pay it off And the pink cinnadog is mine
You can enter as many times as you want to
Bases are alowed
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Taking requests for drawings like these for 35 points. They will be colored. I will take 3 at a time.
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Originally shared by ****
Anyone wanna do one?
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Checks my profile ....... sees this OuO!!!!! Screaming internally


Well what should it be...hmm....ooooo I know 0:D, A DRAWING CONTEST!!!!

All you lot have to do is draw anyone of my OC's doing whatever you want :D (I live by the seaside) can be NSFW, SFW GORE ETC ETC. Oh and use the Hashtag #ReaperOpalsSeaSideContest you can also tag my name or send it to me in hangouts.

You can draw them as a group all together on a beach, you can draw them with your oc doesn't matter :D.

I'll have pictures of them all here and just pick one or more.

Deadline will be the 26th OF JUNE SO PLENTY OF TIME THIS TIME (like 5 weeks)

Prizes hmm...I say 3 winners :D.

1st place: 5 traditional drawing of your oc, 5 digital drawing of your oc, a MYO closed species for star crunchers (I have rights, I will need to approve it first before you can use it), possibly a MMD MODEL OF YOUR OC (BUT I'LL HAVE TO ASK MY PARTNER IF THIS IS OK!!!), (If the model is a ok) a MMD VIDEO OF YOUR OC IN ACTION, a follow and shoutout.

2nd place: 3 traditional drawings of your oc, 3 digital drawings of your oc, a follow and shoutout.

3rd place: 1 traditional drawing of your oc, 1 digital drawing of your oc, a follow and a shoutout.

HAVE ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE DON'T HESITATE TO ASK ME, (just to say the pink unicorn has her horn in tact and has pastel purple eyes, the mask is for Opal the rainbow pastel hair humanoid, the winter cat looking creature is a CLOSED SPECIES called Beryles by Cinder-Cat)
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If anyone wants to feel free to Draw anyone of my OC's in any outfits, gore, NSFW (I'm 21 don't panic), chibi, as something else etc etc just look in the collection pick one or more and go for it be creative, feel free to use them for practice too.

People call me selfish and stupid because I let the artist pick the oc they want to draw and how they want to draw it. Well I let them do this because I find it more special as a artwork and it has a piece of what the artist wants in it too making it fair on both ends.
My OC's
My OC's

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Anyone up for drawing oc's? I have a mix of oc's you can draw :3.


Here's the link to my oc's so if you want to go ahead but if you do please either tag me or link me to the reaults because I don't always get them.
My OC's
My OC's

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omg so close to 50 people when i get 50 people you have a chance to win a ultra rare that is not for saill ether or a uncommon or a rare so join if you wish and if you want me to make the oc for you just send me the color planet and what plant with it
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