King Solomon's people were here on this North American continent 1,000 years before Jesus Christ walked on this earth with his own human feet. By watching how people do things, the native people who lived here were learning the Ways of our Creator God. Evidence: The way it was written telling how a woman is to act during her monthly menstrual time, was taught. Example: since a person could not bring blood into the camp she had live in a temporary hut which was built outside the camp, until her time was over. Example: When a warrior came back bloody from battle, he had to live in a little hut and heal up, thus not bringing blood into the camp.

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Did you know that the native believers who were around before the Europeans came used to do a ritual cleansing. The holy man would stand in the water and the individual would step into the water and dunk themselves 3 times in the water and pray. When there was ice on the water, the holy man would still stand in the water and would break the ice. This is recorded history which has not been told.

In these last days, I know many people have some questions they have wondering about, but have been wondering who and when to ask. In the name of Yeshua-Jesus, we will review and boldly attempt to answer questions as they come. Hopefully, we can do this together. Just please remember, only the Rusch Hakodesh-Holy Spirit, has all the answers. I know all I can do is ask, but please, ' No Fighting'. Thank you.
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