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Hello guys

It's been nearly a month!

i promised it and i'm keeping the promise!

Latest June Sound Patches are here!

Enjoy this latest update!

Welcome to XTREMEMusic™ v9.3.4!


--> Officially supported Android P all DP! <-

What's new in latest 16th June sound patches?

- New XTREMEMusic App™ v4.6.4:

- Updated sound quality with latest june Sound Patches!
- Updated with latest XTREMEMusic™ drivers
- Some important algorithm enhancements for Ultra Hi-Res audio enabler and Hi-Res restorer
- Minor UI changes
- Internal code updates and optimizations
- Lighter app

- New library: libxtrememusicengine!
* Built directly by me and my all experience, this library contains all my sound enhancements and all my engines! A fully all-in one lib for the best optimized audio ever!

- Fixed Dirac HD installation! (Some files were missing)

- Finally fixed latest MOD Battery drain! Thanks to Amit Jha for helping me!

- Removed XTREMEMusic™ AudioFX: Yes guys, it has been discontinued as it's not working with latest versions of android and it only causes battery drain and some important system crashes (as reported by users)

- Removed standard ViPER4Android: You are free now to install your favourite version with no conflicts! This will also help users that must use a prticular version of v4a for its ROM

- Updated and optimized latest Magisk Module!

- Improved the installation of the Magisk module!

- Fixed latest reported bootloops


Of course if you have bugs, suggestions or suggestions, i'm here!

I remember you all that XTREMEMusic™ is now downloadable from XTREMEMusic™ App!

Download XTREMEMusic™ App from Play Store here:

Download XTREMEMusic™ from my site as always:

Or download XTREMEMusic™ Magisk version:
XTREMEMusic™ Download | Androidexpert35's World
XTREMEMusic™ Download | Androidexpert35's World

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Description texts of Hi-res Audio Enhancer

Is it Enhancer, Enancher, or Enahnce?

Hi all,please help me to understand all of this,I tested
Performance dac enabler v1.1 by androidexpert35,is sound good,I removed for test the buyed app,after,I buy the app and install the second app free,I have root with magisk,after install booth apps I need to install the module?,on magisk module if I install after or before the app is looping mesaje android is upgrading more time,hours....,and then reinstall flash my phone again many times,so I need the standard module or magisk module for this app?,install before or after the app?,I install module from app,thx for all help.

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I tried Megisk version it's also not working why ? 😕
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Sorry for my bad English

Hello I purchased pro version and Flashed latest mod 9.3 version on Oreo 8.1 custom ROMs & it's working fine no Major issue's but then I discovered new small Bug in your 9.3 Mod I can't Add Google account after flashing your Sound mod Google Sign in page not opening.I tested this on 2 Oreo 8.1 based phone's but same thing is happening on both phone's.

Then I flashed Nougat ROM with your sound mod 9.3 and I faced major issue my VoLTE stopped working after flashing your mod .I tried re-flashing the ROM with your mod 2-3 times but still same issue is Coming so I'm 100% sure your mod version 9.3 has some bugs so please fix these BTW older versions of your mod is worked fine I faced no issue's. can you please give me link of your older version of mod. Thank you I love this sound mod.

Device used ~ Xiaomi Redmi note 3 (Qualcomm), Redmi 3S prime.
ROMs ~ Oreo 8.1 & Nougat 7.1 with Megisk V 16.0.

Fix magisk version!!!! It says soundmod not installed!

Hello, I just want to share my experience with this soundmod,its really awesome, I install it on my Xperia Z2 and I must say,thank you for all your efforts!

I install this mod along with others soundmods like :

I install it all mods in this order:

1.- Soundmod v7 for Z2 and Z3 5.1.1 lollipop loud settings
2.- Project Desire Gen Zero Two one reincarnation
3.- Xtrememusic (first 9.3 and then 9.3.4)
4.- Dolby Atmos 6.5

The Combination of those Sound Mods I that order, give the best sond experience I have.

If magisk ver compatible with audio modification library will be better, that will more compatible with other audio mod(magisk ver) such as Dolby atom、v4a、James DSP …
Here Is the AML link

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Yes guys, I've manged to make a fully working XTREMEMusic mod systemless thanks to magisk!

Enjoy now the power of an Hi-Res sound without losing your favourite android functions like android Pay!

Magisk module is available here and soon I'll update my apps to make them working with this module!

If you want to try it:

Hello i have a s8+ whit a custom rom (ligth rom), and since version 9.2.2 I can open the app audio fx , it just shows a white screen, I'm a pro user and I really want to use your mod, can you help me please
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