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Ok, so I just wanted to do something a bit more new and different. So, there are five clans if gryphons : Cinder Clan, Mountain Clan, Mist Clan, River Clan, and Sky Clan. Mountain Clan lives at the base of the mountains, Sky Clan lives at the tip-top of the mountains, River Clan lives beside the Great River, Mist Clan lives in the forest of fog, and Cinder Clan lives somewhat near the volcanos, in the cliffs beside the Great Burned Valley that is covered in cinders and cooled lava because it is in just the right spot for lava to run down and fill it like a pool every time the volcanos errupt. There is also tribes and stocks, wich are different than the clans. Stocks are normally groups of rogues or gryphons who were exiled from their clans. Tribes are started by gryphons who ran from their clans for a quieter, freer life. Stocks often attack clans, but tribes stay in peace unless there is a very good reason for battle. Some gryphons run off to form small 'gangs' that fight for sport and live without any rules, and some just become loners. Some gryphons run away with a mate because the love of that couple was forbidden, such as love from separate clans.

-no cussing
-no cyber-bullying
(There will be more)
Clan Ranks:

Leader (leader of the clan)

Deputy (next in line to be leaders)

Warriors (fighters, guards, and they are the main members of the clan)

Elders (to old to fight or nurse)

Apprentices (training to be warriors)

Nursers (nursing mothers)

Gryphlings (babies)

Healer (doctor)
The pictures are the types you can be. Include the picture of your gryphon type when making an OC.
the types of gryphons you can be
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