u see me sitting and putting on a Chica costume This will be great on scaring my friends! laughs evilly
                                                                            then u..

Theory:Bollon boy coussed the bite of 87.

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Hi Im new here in the community and I love FNAF!!!!

Role play!!!!!!
Who wants cake.Said a colt in a golden Freddy suit.No.Said Ice Cube.I do.Said a filly.Great,are u sure.Said the colt.Yes I am.Said Ice Cube.Get her boys.Said the colt.Before they got her,mangle bit her.No need guys.Said the colt.Grab Her.Said the colt.One of them grabbed her.Help!!!!!!!She lelled.Ice Cube,wake up.Said Luna.Then she called 911 while the filly was draged out of the pizzarea.Free role playing.

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Fnaf!survive the night
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